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Airline Industry Group Recommends Downsizing Carry-On Luggage Limit

NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) -- Airlines may soon be shrinking your carry-on luggage limit.

An industry group representing hundreds of airlines has unveiled new, smaller carry-on guidelines to make room in often jam-packed overhead bins.

Carter Murray is up in the air every week. But he may have to say goodbye to his favorite carry-on bag.

"It would be nice if the airlines started trying to think of what passengers want and not what they want," Murray said.

As CBS2's Carolyn Gusoff reported, a trade group of airlines recommended the change to solve a dilemma: passengers shut out of overhead space on crowded planes.

Smaller carry-ons would guarantee room for all.

"The passenger will know that if he or she buys this bag, they'll be able to take it on a growing number of airlines," said Tom Windmuller with the International Air Transport Association.

So just how much smaller is the recommendation? About 20 percent, Gusoff reported.

Ashely O'Tero, who was repacking curbside to avoid an overweight fee, is now bracing to pay even more if she must carry on less.

"Anyway they can get more money, they're going to," she said.

"We're already paying to check a bag now, you know. And so then you'd have to check another bag probably," said another traveler.

And some are already considering all the pricey carry-ons that would become obsolete. They fit now, but may soon be too big to take on board and too little to be worth checking.

"As a girl with a lot of shoes, I'm not thrilled about it," said one traveler.

Worries abound:

Will More checked luggage mean more lost luggage?
Will shipping ahead become the new norm?
Are airlines taking passengers for a ride?

"I"m speechless. It's so ridiculous," said one woman.

"They're just looking for more ways to charge you money," said another.

But luggage stores welcome a buying binge and frequent fliers recommend traveling light.

"It's easier for me as a business traveler with a small bag to get on and off the flight," said man.

Manufacturers already have "Cabin OK" labeled carry-ons in production, Gainer reported. They should hit stores by year's end.

So far, the new guidelines are not binding. It will be up to individual airlines to decide if they will implement the smaller carry-on size policy.

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