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Addicted To Perfection? Man Has Had 117 Plastic Surgeries

NEW YORK (WLNY) -- Everyone wants to look their best, and in a society that values beauty, getting cosmetic procedures is nothing new.

But with 117 operations -- and still counting -- not many have gone to the extremes that Justin Jedlica has gone to.

"If you want to stand out, you have to stand on your own," he said.

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He's had everything from a nose job (actually, five nose jobs), 13 sessions of buttock augmentation, and the world's only 3 piece deltoid implantation. But what started as a fascination with plastic surgery has now blossomed into a career for Jedlica. He's putting out his own implant line, and now does consultation and referral services, pairing potential patients with surgeons.

"Its been a long journey for me, I started my procedures when I was 17 years old," he said. "It's become an art form to me, I love creating with it."

He's now taken to Craigslist to hire a writer to tell his story. For information on the job, click here.

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