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21-year-old Adamaruis Garcia reported missing in Queens

Police seek Queens woman who went missing on her way home from work
Police seek Queens woman who went missing on her way home from work 01:52
Adamaruis Garcia
Adamaruis Garcia NYPD Crime Stoppers

NEW YORK -- Police are searching for a young Queens woman who went missing while on her way home from work on New Year's Eve.

A bright light in any room, Adamaruis Garcia, affectionately called "Yuri," is only 4-feet-11-inches tall, but loved ones say her personality is larger than life.

"She is like my daughter," her uncle Cesar Robles said.

On New Year's Eve, Garcia's mom says the 21-year-old worked her usual weekend shift at Rue 57 in Midtown, got off at 9 p.m., hung out with friends for a bit, then, around 11 p.m., a friend who was with her says Garcia hopped on the N train and started heading to Queens.

"She doesn't usually get off at Queensboro Plaza. She doesn't do any transfers. She usually just takes the R," cousin Tannia Illescas said.

The R line is about a five-minute walk from there. Police are investigating if she walked out of the station.

"We still have stories coming in and out, which we don't know which one to go with," cousin Samantha Robles said.

Family members say her phone battery was low when she bid farewell to the friend at the Queensboro Plaza station. Since then, she's gone dark.

One of the last people she spoke with was her boyfriend, telling him to meet her at her family's apartment, but her mom says she never showed up.

Garcia was wearing a black dress and black-and-white sneakers when she was last seen on New Year's Eve.

Garcia's mom, Amada Robles, says her family is growing more concerned by the minute.

"I love you, Yuri," she said. "I'm... I'm so nervous."

Family members rushed from Pennsylvania as soon as they found out she was missing, and even more are on their way.

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