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Activists Say Rotting Trees In Prospect Park Pose 'Immediate Danger'

NEW YORK (1010 WINS) -- Activists say rotting trees in Prospect Park are posing a serious threat to parkgoers.

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Giant, rotted out trees surround the lake at Prospect Park, according to activist Ed Bahlman.

"This is at least a 50-foot bough that snapped at the end of July. There was no wind, no summer storm even," he said.

Many limbs fell or were damaged when Irene slammed the city back in August.

Bahlman says limbs snap suddenly and says the Parks Department is ignoring what he calls an immediate danger.

"This is the danger," said fellow activist Anne-Katrin Titze. "It doesn't need a big storm for the branches to collapse."

Emily Lloyd, president of the Prospect Park Alliance, says they're doing their best to prevent trees from toppling at the park.

"All areas of the park are inspected bi-weekly for any safety hazards and that includes the trees," Lloyd said. "We particularly focus on areas around playgrounds and look at that even more frequently."

Lloyd also says there are certain tell-tale signs of a weak tree and just because a tree is hollow, doesn't mean it's at risk of coming down.

"There are quite a few trees that we've identified that are ready for pruning and some may come down, but none that we think pose an immediate risk," she said.

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