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Man Racked Up $94,000 In Unpaid Tolls, Port Authority Police Say

NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) -- Questions were mounting Monday evening about how a man from Monmouth County, New Jersey, allegedly did not pay for tolls so long that he racked up $94,000 in violations.

As CBS2's Meg Baker reported, Sean Haluska allegedly racked up E-ZPass violations and got away with it for a very, very long time – as area highways and bridges move toward cashless tolls.

"It's amazing how they got away with it – I'm shocked," said Angela, who works on Staten Island.

"I think that's crazy, because a lot of people that pay money every day to go over bridge. I'm one of them," said John, who also works on Staten Island.

Port Authority of New York and New Jersey police finally caught up with Haluska at the Outerbridge Crossing toll booth. Haluska's father said it is his son's everyday route to work.

"He's at work. He's Staten Island," Haluska's father said through his front door. "He works as a salesman."

As to why it took so long to nab Haluska, CBS2 repeatedly pressed the Port Authority to go on camera with answers. All the Port Authority would say was in this case, it was a wait-and-grab situation.

Haluska happened to get caught on his ride to work, and allegedly did what he must have done thousands of times – passing through the E-ZPass lane without paying the toll.

Port Authority police witnessed the act and then pulled him over.

It turned out that Haluska's license is suspended for the fourth time, and his E-ZPass account has almost 1,500 open violations – racking up a tab of more than $94,000.

The Port Authority said it uses aggressive action against persistent toll evaders, including arrests.

"Toll violations also may result in referral to a collection agency, additional fees and charges, and legal action," the Port Authority said in a statement.

Of the allegations against his son, Haluska's father said: "Well, what can I tell you? It's also a big tab that they charge."

Port Authority police would not say Haluska got away with not paying tolls, but it is obviously years.

CBS2 reached out to the officers of both New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo and New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie – which oversee the Port Authority – to ask at what point police are proactively sent to apprehend an evader. There was no answer to that question.

Haluska, of Farmingdale, New Jersey, is charged with obstructing governmental administration, petit larceny, and aggravated unlicensed operator of a motor vehicle.

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