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9/11 Memorial And Museum Become Living Link To Future Generations

NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) - Eight years after its opening, the 9/11 Memorial and Museum continues its commitment to never forget, to reflect, and honor those impacted by the September 11th attacks.

Wednesday morning the museum was open only to family of the victims, reports CBS2's Alice Gainer.

It's a place for them to be in the presence of one another on this one of the hardest days.

I had a chance to speak earlier with

Alice Greenwald, the national September 11th Memorial and Museum president and CEO, says the museum serves as a place for those who weren't yet born on that day to learn about it.

"I think the greatest change in 18 years, and certainly in the five years since we've opened the museum, are the number of young people coming in who have no memory of this event," she said.


"You know 18 years, we're coming up close to the mark of a generation which is 20," said Greenwald.

"Already we have young people in college, just beginning their careers, who have no lived memory of 9/11 but they are living in a world that is defined in so many ways by the consequences of that event."

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