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8-Year-Old Creates Care Packs For Homeless

1010 WINS -- It's clear there's a real homeless crisis across the globe, and sometimes it can be hard to know where to start, but one little boy is a great reminder that anyone can make a difference.

Adrian Young first realized the plight of the homeless after walking by a man lying on the sidewalk in Australia. Immediately after seeing him, the 8-year-old said he felt "very sad" and wanted to help. He then gave the man all the money he had with him. "I learnt that he wasn't the only person sleeping on the streets at night in the freezing cold," said Young in a Facebook post.

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Cred: Adrian Alloy Young

That's when Young realized he could do more.

Since July 24th, Young and his mom have created nearly 200 "care packs" for the homeless. Each pack contains clothing, food, toiletries, and the Aussie classic, Tim Tams.

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Cred: Adrian Alloy Young

"I really want everyone to know they are cared for," wrote Young. "So as a family we decided to make packs with necessities and some special treats. It was a big family effort and I am so proud of what we've put together."

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The family has since started a GoFundMe page to help raise money to keep creating care packs for those in need.

"I'm a lucky kid to have the life I have," wrote Young. "I want to try and make everyone's life as good as mine."

-Kayla Jardine

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