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7-Year-Old New Jersey Boy Saves Mom After She Slips Into Diabetic Shock

BRICK, N.J. (CBSNewYork)-- A New Jersey boy is being hailed a hero after saving his mother's life. The 7-year-old jumped into action after he saw his mom slip into diabetic shock.

CBS2's Jessica Moore spoke with the boy and his mother in Brick, New Jersey.

Seven-year-old Aden Earl is a baseball player, a dog lover and now a hero.

"If he wasn't here today, I don't think I'd be here right now," mom Christine said.

Sunday morning, Aden knew something was wrong.

"I was sleeping in my bed and she said, 'Help, help, help, help, help,'" he said.

His mother, Christine, had slipped into diabetic shock.

"I remember screaming, saying 'help' and he called 911 and it wasn't going through," she recalled.

Aden went for plan B by quickly dialing a family friend.

"He was really very calm-- considering he's only seven years old. He did a perfect job," she said.

While he was waiting for paramedics to arrive, quick-thinking Aiden ran downstairs and unlocked the front door so they could get inside and help his mom.

"They put an IV in my arm and within two minutes I was back to my normal self," she said.

"You know you saved your mom's life right? That's a pretty big deal," CBS2's Moore said.

"I just wanted her to be alive still," Aden responded.

"How does it feel as a mother that your son knew exactly what to do when you needed him?" Moore asked his mother.

"I'm overly proud. When I think about it I still start crying. If he wasn't here I don't think I'd be here," she said.

The pint-sized hero is off to set more records now, this time on the baseball field. He hopes to be a baseball player when he grows up.

Aden's mom is taking him to a Lakewood BlueClaws game on Friday to celebrate.


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