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7/25 CBS2 Wednesday Afternoon Weather Headlines

By Bree Guy
Weather Intern
This continues to be the wettest day of the week.
Heavy bands of rain will continue to roll through the area throughout the day and into tonight.
(Credit: CBS2)
There may be a small break in the evening, but there is still quite a bit of moisture churning off the low to the south that will be carried here again tonight by strong southerly winds.
Rainfall totals for the month will increase significantly, bringing us to one of the wettest July's in recorded history.
JL Wettest July
(Credit: CBS2)
Temperatures won't rise much today.
We did start out pretty warm and sticky this morning in the mid 70s, but with the cloud cover and rain, temperatures will only rise a few degrees by this afternoon.
JL Humidity Trend 2
(Credit: CBS2)
The humidity will stick around the area over the next few days and not break anytime soon. It's going to be muggy too, so try and stay dry and cool!
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