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6 Animal Look-alikes Of The World Cup

By: Maria Perez

It's only been a week since the World Cup started and we've noticed that the players and coaches have been channeling their inner spiritual animal this year. Here are some of the highlights.

6. Thomas Muller (Germany) reacts after a head-butt from Pepe (Portugal)

Thomas Muller (Germany) reacts after a head-butt from Pepe (Portugal)
Left (Credit: Martin Rose/Getty Images) Right (Credit:Warren Little/Getty Images)

When situations get tough sometimes we can't help but resort to our primal instincts.

5. Neymar (Brazil) channels his inner dramatic cat after being fouled.

number 5
Left (Credit:Fabrice Coffrini/Getty Images) Right:(Credit:AFP/Getty Images)

4. The Colombian National team celebrates together as one.

number 4
Left James Rodriguez of Colombia (bottom) celebrates scoring his team's third goal with Juan Guillermo Cuadrado (top) and Juan Camilo Zuniga (middle) (Credit: Ian Walton/Getty Images) Right (Credit: Patrick Pleul/Getty Images)

3. This is Luiz Felipe's (Brazil) "we beat Croatia 3-1" face.

number 3

2. It's so cute when Robin Van Persile (Netherlands) tries to be ferocious.

number 2
Left (Credit: Jeff Gross/Getty Images) Right (Credit: Justin Sullivan/Getty Images)

1."Say I'm a bird! Say it!" David Luiz (Brazil), you're a bird...

number 1
Left (Credit: Odd Anderson/Getty Images) Right (Credit: John MacDougall/Getty Images)
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