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5 Orphaned Coyote Pups Find New Home At Queens Zoo

 NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) -- These pups are anything but coyote ugly!

Five orphaned coyote pups that were rescued and rehabilitated in Massachusetts now have a new home at the Wildlife Conservation Society's Queens Zoo.

The four female pups and one male were all born in the spring.

Without their mothers to protect and provide food for them, they would not survive in the wild on their own, according to zoo officials.

"The Queens Zoo educates visitors about animals from North and South America," said Dr. Scott Silver, Director and Curator of the WCS Queens Zoo. "Coyotes range throughout North America including New York. Having these animals at the Queens Zoo is an opportunity for people to see coyotes up close and to learn more about these fascinating yet often misunderstood animals."

The pups' new home will consist of an expansive, grassland habitat.

Coyotes are generally shy and tend to avoid people as much as possible.

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