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NYC's Best Juice Bars For Smoothies, Fresh Juice, Veggie Juice And More

Juice Bars - The Juice Shop
(Credit: The Juice Shop)

Drink your way to better health by visiting one of these juice bars -- purveyors of freshness, temples of nutrients, vendors of all-nature goodness. By Jessica Allen/John Friia/CBSNY Staff

Best Juice Bars -Agavi Juice Bars
(Credit: Agavi Juice Bar)

Agavi Organic Juice Bar

72 East 7th Street
New York, NY 10003

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The brainchild of two boys form Queens, Agavi Organic Juice Bar has become the destination for fresh pressed juice in the East Village. As people step inside the quaint eatery, they will be welcomed by the bright colors and choice of healthy drinks and bites. When New Yorkers are feeling sick, they can order one of their Cold Remedies, which are served hot and aim to relieve the symptoms of the flu and cold. There is a list of creative pressed juices that will be a smile to someone's face when they order, including the Green It Up! made with broccoli, kale, cucumber, green apple and lemon.

(credit: The Butcher's Daughter)

The Butcher's Daughter

19 Kenmare Street
New York, NY

This vegetarian cafe and juice bar was founded by Heather Tierney, who co-owns Apotheke and Pulqueria, on the Lower East Side. Perhaps the idea is that you can party hard at either the destination bar or Mexican bar/restaurant, respectively, then recuperate here, with their selection of fresh  juices. There are elixir shots, smoothies, nut milks, coffee, teas, and food too.

(credit: Juice Generation)

Juice Generation

Multiple Locations

Juicing since 1999, Juice Generation relies on locally grown, pesticide-free produce to craft made-to-order concoctions such as The Professional (collard greens, swiss chard, kale, spinach, wheatgrass, cucumber, apple, lemon, and ginger) and Daily Detox (carrot, cucumber, apple, lemon, and ginger.) If you want to cleanse, you can pick up a to-go pack from Cooler Cleanse.

Best Juice Bars - Juice Press
(Credit: Juice Press)

Juice Press

Multiple Locations

Now with more than 60 locations across the county, Juice Press has worked to promote healthy, clean living since opening its doors in 2010. The juices on offer don't have additives or preservatives or processed ingredients. Instead, they're raw, fresh, and yummy -- never frozen, never pasteurized, always organic. For an extra boost, Juice Press also offers their own blends of proprietary, vegan probiotic, and vitamin C and D supplements, as well as on-the-go breakfast options, including raw oatmeal, Acai bowls and protein smoothies.

Juice Bars - The Juice Shop
(Credit: The Juice Shop)

The Juice Shop

Multiple Locations

From Midtown to Brooklyn and the Finical District, The Juice Shop has delivered fresh and healthy juices since 2014. With the mission to educate New Yorkers on a healthier lifestyle, the juice bar wants to excite taste buds and enhance well-being with all natural ingredients. People looking to kick start their new diets can take one of their cleanses, including the Skin or Swim. Ideal for beginners, this less intense cleanse is filled with their signature juice and will make people fell re-energized and rejuvenated.

Best Juice Bars - Liquiteria
(Credit: Liquiteria)


Multiple Locations

From the streets of Manhattan to the anyone's doorstep, Liquiteria brings handcrafted smoothies and pressed juices to New Yorkers. With locations in Union Square and the East Village, Liquiteria's nutrient-packed juices energize and alkalize the body for optimal health. As New Yorkers hustle to start their day, they can try the Bulldozer, made with with bananas, peanut butter, protein and almond milk.

(credit: Garrett Ziegler)

Melvin's Juice Box

130 W Houston Street
New York, NY
(646) 588-5375

The New York Times has said that Melvin Major Jr. "may be New York's first celebrity juicer." After working for many years at a health food store in Greenwich Village, Major was given star billing at the juice bar affiliated with Miss Lily's, an epicenter of coolness and Caribbean food in Soho.

(credit: Oasis Juice Bar)

Oasis Jimma Juice Bar

3163 Broadway
New York, NY

This Harlem juice bar whips up drinks with names that let you know how you're about to help your body. If you're lucky, the counter person will blend each element separately, so you're given a chilled, stratified cup, and it'll be up to you to mix everything together into several delicious slurps.

Best Juice Bars - Pressed Juicery
(Credit: John Friia)

Pressed Juicery

Multiple Locations

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With a selection of over 30 juices, Pressed Juicery delivers simple, yet flavorful and affordable drinks throughout the country. Each juice is made through a high pressuring process, which entails placing a bottle of juice into a cold chamber of water and applying pressure to inactivate potential pathogens and other microbes while having minimal impact on vitamins and antioxidants. If people find it hard to visit one of their locations, they can sign up for their subscription service, which sends juices multiple times a month.

Juice Bars - The Squeeze
(Credit: The Squeeze)

The Squeeze

Multiple Locations

Offering a wide selection of juices, The Squeeze serves pressed juices, raw shakes, cleanses and raw meals. People can try their boosters and elixirs, which target to boost the immune system and provide an extra dose of energy. One of the boosters that will help anyone through long days is Spirulina, which offers the highest source of concentrated protein of any known food.

Freshark Juice Bar & Grill

1026 Second Ave.
New York, NY 10022
(646) 678-5013

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Freshark gives new meaning to the term takeout, offering healthy options throughout its entire menu. Every item on the menu is delicious, but patrons rave about the Sweet Potato Power Cakes and recommended Green Tonic cleansing juice. With options for children and adults, Freshark easily eliminates guilty fast food.

John Friia is a freelance journalist and native New Yorker writing about food, drinks and lifestyle. You can follow his adventures on Instagram.


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