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NYC's 5 Best Stores For Swimwear, Bathing Suits

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Swimsuit weather has most definitely arrived, and that means you just might have to update your trunks or buy some new bikinis. Here are our five favorite stores for swimwear in New York City. Whether you're looking for original designers or the best in luxury brands, these stores will have you covered, or not. By Jessica Allen.

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(credit: Linda's Bra Salon)

Like peanut butter and jelly, or wine and cheese, swimsuits and lingerie go together (except, of course, you wouldn't want to eat either one). Linda B. and her team of "Bra Divas" have been ensuring that women look their best, thanks to properly fitting support, for decades. And they don't make any exception for swim styles. You can find suits in sizes ranging from A to K cups, for nursing women, women who've had mastectomies, and every women in between.

(credit: Malia Mills)

Designer Malia Mills was born in Hawaii, so you might say she's been familiar with beachwear since birth. Her smart system of designing and organizing swimwear lets you create a perfectly tailored look: you can get a small top and a large bottom, or vice versa, or whatever works best on your body. No matter what, at one of her eponymous stores, you won't be made to feel bad for not being able to squeeze into or fill out anything ever again.

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(credit: Monif C.)

Catering to the curvier lady, Monif C. in Midtown ensures that plus-sized women can hit the pool, the cruise, or the beach with confidence, in style, and oozing sexiness. If you believe that too much skin is never enough, or if you'd rather go more modest, either way Monif C. has the contemporary, fashionable, perfect bathing suit for you. The store also sells dresses, jumpsuits, rompers, and other apparel, all designed by a mother-daughter team.

(credit: parke & ronen)

Since 1997, Ronen Jehezkel and Parke Lutter have worked together to design clothes with a "chic sensuality" for men, including swimwear, as well as shorts, shirts, sportswear, accessories, footwear, and pants. Swimsuit options at the Chelsea flagship run the gamut, from briefs to 2-inch, 4-inch, 6-inch, 8-inch, and even 12-inch inseams, generally priced from $50 to $150. Grab a tank or two, tote bag, or beach duffle to match.

(credit: Pesca Boutique)

Google "best swimsuits NYC" and Pesca Boutique will almost certainly appear on the resulting hits, thanks to its expertly trained sales team. Ladies will delight in the huge, yet carefully curated stock of one-pieces, bikinis, and tankinis from American, European, and Brazilian brands such as Sauvage, Huit 8 Paris (pictured), and Cia Maritima. Nearby, sister store Pesca Trend sells designer swimwear for men and women.


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