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NYC's 5 Best Mattress Stores

Some people never get out of bed. The rest of us need to make an appearance at the office occasionally, or stock up the fridge when company's coming.  Whether you live in bed or simply long to get back into it, nothing turns your home into a castle more than the perfect mattress. If it's been five to 10 years (or more) since you last made this purchase, or if you're feeling aches and pains upon awakening, it may be time to dust off that credit card and hit the stores. Here are New York's best bets for affordable, quality mattresses and box springs that will have you sweet-dreaming in no time.
Shopping & Style Mattresses, Keetsa

69 Mercer St.
New York, NY  10012

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Ethical and efficient manufacturer Keetsa presents eco-friendly products, supporting a small carbon-footprint as well as low emissions of volatile organic compounds (VOCs.) This translates into mattresses that do not generate a chemical odor or potentially toxic by-products into your home. Clean-scented green tea extract is mixed into Keetsa's exclusive Bio-Foam formula, emitting a gentle, fresh scent without chemical additives or deodorizers. Every mattress here is comprised of recycled, sustainable ingredients like hemp, cotton, and organic wool padding, meeting Federal Regulations for fire retardance. High standards for comfort and uncompromising quality are guaranteed with a 12-year non-prorated warranty on all mattresses.

Shopping & Style Mattresses For Sale
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Craig's Beds
247 W. 38th St., Ste.606
New York, NY  10018

What can you say about a guy whose mattress buying tips include end-of-day relaxation suggestions from his Grandma Anita? All major brands including can be found here at price points that fit budgets ranging from spam to sirloin. A great selection guarantees you will find the bed of your dreams, but whatever mattress you choose, if you want a great night's sleep, remember Craig's advice: no video games before bed.

Shopping & Style Mattresses, Dixie Foam
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Dixie Foam Beds
1205 Manhattan Ave
Brooklyn, NY  11222

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Converts of foam mattresses rave about their flexibility, superior back support and resilience. Dixie Foam offers competitive pricing on beds that are hygienic, dust and odor-free and mildew resistant. High-support mattresses never need to be turned yet maintain their shape and comfort, adjusting to your body's individual shape for years of luscious sleeping pleasure. Factory-direct pricing ranges on mattresses with or without box springs from $195 to $1,690. Limited warranties range from 5 to 15 years, based on product purchased. A full line of modular all-foam furniture and exercise mats are also available.

Shopping & Style Mattresses, Made Bed
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36 W. 34th St.,2nd fl.
New York, NY  10002
(212) 967-6300

If you wish to invest in your mattress and your health, Essentia's patented natural memory foam mattresses and GOLS certified organic mattresses are a great bet. Priced to last, vegan mattresses are made from pure hevea milk, dunlop latex, certified organic cotton and organic essential oils and plant extracts. These comfortable, luxurious mattresses come with a 20-year warranty and a 60-day return policy. Organic cotton bedding is also available, as are crib sets, furniture and pet beds.

Shopping & Style Mattresses, Bed Frame
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Economy Foam & Futons
56 W. 8th St.
New York, NY  10011

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Who doesn't have a tight budget these days? If cost is your main concern, but you also love a comfortable bed, check out Economy Foam & Futons. Since futons are perfect for college students, you can also find soundproofing materials here to block out the sounds of noisy co-eds or roommates.

Corey Whelan is a freelance writer in New York. Her work can be found at

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