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SantaCon takes over Manhattan for 25th annual bar crawl

25th annual SantaCon bar crawl takes over Manhattan
25th annual SantaCon bar crawl takes over Manhattan 01:40

NEW YORK -- It's that time of year -- SantaCon took over Manhattan on Saturday for its annual bar crawl convention.

'Twas 16 nights before Christmas and all through the city, Santas in crop tops and onesies took the streets, whirled and giddy.

"Can you smell it? There's Christmas in the air," said Tappan resident Kevin Vitiello.

That smell -- mostly booze -- at the 25th Annual SantaCon bar crawl.

"Everyone talks about New York being the best place to come during Christmas, and I think it's true. You look around this bar and you see people having fun and enjoying the holiday spirit," New Yorker Dylan Lurie said.

With hundreds of bridge-and-tunnel Santas packing into participating bars, much of the day is spent waiting.

"It's a lot of fun, but the lines are really long and you can't get in anywhere," Rockland County resident Jess Sassoon said.

You won't find sugarplums dancing here, but just like kids on Christmas Eve, these revelers do share snacks and drinks.

"If you're thirsty, we got a shot. If you're hungry, we got a fork," one participant said.

It's not just debauchery. SantaCon claims to have raised over $1 million for charity, and it helps the bars out, too.

"The fact people come out and spend money and help our business and help the charity and support  ... This helps us tremendously," said Pamela Mahony, with The Junction.

Well, is it naughty or nice? Only one Santa decides.

"Santa would have a ball," Westbury resident Alexandra Karavias said.

"He would think we were all on the naughty list," said Rachel Williams, from Levittown.

"I think Santa would be happy that people are rejoicing in the spirit, and I mean, I hope so," another participant said.

So happy Christmas to all; get some pizza and call it a night. 

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