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What Psychic Nikki Sees For Us In 2020 And Beyond… Think Robots

(CBSNY/CBS Local) -- January 1 begins a new year and a new decade. And in a time when every day feels like a week and every month feels like a year, it's hard to imagine where we'll be when the earth orbits around the sun again, never mind 10 more times.

That's where Psychic Nikki, psychic to the stars, comes in. Many of her predictions from last year -- worldwide protests, the roller coaster stock market, extreme weather events, UFO sightings -- have come to fruition. She sees a lot in our future, ranging from political upheaval to global warming to Hollywood changes and medical breakthroughs. And did I mention the robots?

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Anyone with a pulse can recognize that we live in politically divided times. But Psychic Nikki, who claims to have previously predicted a Donald Trump impeachment (the House of Representatives voted to impeach the president, but he awaits trial in the Senate), sees more surprises in 2020, which is an election year.

As the incumbent, Trump will quite likely run atop the Republican ticket once again. Former vice president Joe Biden is among the front-runners on the Democratic side. But how will the Democratic ticket shake out going into next November?

The Democratic field currently also includes Bernie Sanders, Elizabeth Warren, Pete Buttigieg and others besides Biden. Former New York City mayor Michael Bloomberg just tossed his hat in the ring. But the eventual Democratic candidate may not even be on the list yet.

"Hillary Clinton [is] a possible run in the 2020 elections," says Psychic Nikki. "If she does run, it will be out of the blue." And she's not the only possible eventual candidate. "Michelle Obama could [run], and so could Oprah Winfrey."

Regardless, Nikki does see a female candidate in our future, at some point. "I feel good about Michelle Obama, although she could deny it," says Nikki. "There could be a female vice president as well. I see the initials 'M-O.'" In Nikki's view, "this would be the right time to run" for Michelle Obama.

Whoever ends up on the ballot and then in office will have plenty of issues on their plate. Certainly global warming could make the list. "And the new generation as well is going to be worried about climate and changes and ecological disasters," notes Psychic Nikki. "Now I see a lot of penguins and polar bears leaving the arctic and dying and coming down for food. All the Arctic Circle and all the ice shelves are melting, Greenland, Iceland. Greta [Thunberg] is certainly on the right track here, what she's doing. I really think she's fantastic. And I think you're going to see more of these activists coming up, not just her but other ones, the younger generation. So that's a trend too."

Global warming should not be confused with weather, of course, but it does affect the weather people experience in their corner of the country. "You're going to get more and more -- for New York, for instance -- there's going to be a lot of crazy weather. I think you'll get earthquakes and tornadoes in New York City, not just Los Angeles for that type of stuff. It's going to shift."

Look for the landscape to also shift a little in Hollywood, where action-packed sequels and franchises seem to dominate headlines and box offices. "I feel like there will be happier movies," predicts Psychic Nikki. "More family-oriented movies, such as Disney movies."

And expect past generations to stay relevant on the big screen and in the big stream. "The older actors will be making comebacks, Robert De Niro, Al Pacino, older actors." And that trend extends to music. "Billy Ray Cyrus, he's nominated for an award in music, so he's making a comeback. And some of the singers from the past will make comebacks, like Earth, Wind and Fire, some of those '70s groups are going to make comebacks, I think. And Dolly Parton is making a comeback already."

That older generations will make it's presence felt come awards season, as well. "The Irishman has a good chance at a lot of awards, as well as Joe Pesci, Al Pacino, Robert De Niro, and Martin Scorsese, they're going to clean up at a lot of award shows," thinks Psychic Nikki. "Renée Zellweger, she could win some awards for Judy. I also see J-Lo winning some awards for The Hustle, as well."

"Joaquin Phoenix will be nominated for an Oscar, for sure. He's a talented actor, and he was amazing in that roll (The Joker). I know it's not a happy movie, really. But he was very good at what he did. I think he could possibly win the Oscar."

The future holds plenty of good news in the field of medicine. "I really see a breakthrough in cancer research," says Psychic Nikki. "They're going to find some sort of cure for cancer in less than five years, maybe even sooner. That will be a really good prediction when it comes true."

And that good news extends beyond cancer to "breakthroughs in all kinds of medical," Psychic Nikki suggests. "Breakthroughs in heart disease, that's the good news."

Beyond cures, healthy habits will stay an important part of people's lives. "I really think they'll find ways of growing vegetables, more organic stuff and more healthful food, predicts Psychic Nikki. "And it could be an artificial process. I see that coming, healthier food."

Those lifestyle changes could extend still further into people's lives. As Psychic Nikki sees it, "a lot of people will have their own businesses. I think they'll work out of home... I don't think there's going to be a lot of stores in the next 10 years. People are shopping online, stores are going bankrupt. I think everybody's going to do it from one master big computer, where they can do whatever they want. And they can do a little bit of work there as well."

Of course, not everyone will need to work, or want to. In Psychic Nikki's view of the future, "A lot of people will retire. The baby-boomers with retire earlier. And the next generation, their home life will be more luxurious, because they're going to have everything that they want right there. There won't be any need for going to a movie if they have it there. If they want to order food, they have it there."

And that's where the robots come in.

"Maybe a robot will come and deliver," Psychic Nikki speculates. "I know that sounds strange, but I really see it. When the computers weren't here, people said that's not going to happen. Well, the robots are going to take over, for sure."

"Robots, for sure. There's going to be flying robots, small robots. In the future they'll be all robots. You may have a robotic wife or husband or boss."

That may seem like a lot of change to wrap your head around. Then again, a decade is a long time. Maybe it's best to focus on the next year. I, for one, will be repeating my annual New Year's resolution of trying to be a better person. So in that spirit, I am sharing the lucky numbers Psychic Nikki shared with me.

"I like 10 for you. I like the number 10. I love the number 10. I like the number 4, which is unlucky for some people, but lucky. 13 is usually bad luck in North America and good luck in Europe. I like 13. I've got 10, 4 and 13. I love 21 for you. And then I like 22. I love 19. So then there's 10, 4, 13, 21, 22 and 19. And I like 5 for you."

Happy New Year!

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