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Winter And Spring Have Been Wild, So What's The Forecast For Summer?

NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) - There's no arguing that spring has taken us on a ride we'd like to forget.

Now that it appears the snow is finally gone and the sun is shining, you might be wondering what's up for summer?

The midday sun brightens the path along the Hudson River in Hoboken, where folks were basking and strolling. All perfect ways to maximize minutes outside.

It seems love is in the air, and so is spring: Click here to check the forecast.

"I could use a few more weeks of this," said East Village resident Alan Hatfield.

Despite Wednesday's abysmal weather, Thursday was the sixth day with temperatures 60 degrees and above, reported CBS2's Vanessa Murdock.

"I did not realize that. Even yesterday?" said Hoboken resident Patrick Wester. "I guess it's officially spring then."

But not soon enough.

"Spring had its chance, didn't come," Wester said.

"I'm ready for summer. We can skip spring at this point," said Bridget Harnett of Hoboken.

"It's been a long winter, and we're ready for summer," said Tenafly resident Rick Paster.

Are you too dreaming of sandy shores, crashing surf, that first foot into the ocean or pool? Will those dreams be dashed by dreary cold days? Murdock asked New Jersey climatologist at Rutgers University David Robinson for his take.

Robinson says that while this April will likely be the coldest since 1975, the pattern is changing for the warmer.

"The signs right now point to conditions being warmer than average, which goes right along with what we've seen in the last decade or two," Robinson said.

At least a few heat waves look likely this summer. How soggy it will be is more difficult to call, however.

"The fact is we're starting on the wet side, and so is most of the eastern U.S., and that generally portends moist summers," Robinson said.

He added at the very least it helps to stave off drought. Reservoirs are full right now.

"Do you think we're going to get catapulted into summer?" Murdock asked.

"I think everything's primed for that," Robinson said.

So enjoy the spring weather while it lasts, these days might be numbered.

The average high temperature through the summer months is 82 degrees.

This year, expect it to be one or two degrees higher for June, July and August.

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