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Mad Rush For Supplies Ahead Of Major Late-Season Winter Storm

HARRISON, N.Y. (CBSNewYork) -- The rush for supplies was reminiscent of the holidays Monday ahead of the snowstorm that was bearing down on the Tri-State Area.

As CBS2's Lou Young reported, some shelves were empty ahead of the blizzard, even though many supermarket managers doubled up on deliveries and had their staff restocking at a furious pace.

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Everyone was stocking up Monday at DeCicco & Sons in Harrison, Westchester County.

"I got a turkey. I got a roast pork; bird food," said Lauren Foles of White Plains.

Some were so focused that they were not answering questions – only answering for the directions. Someone asked Young – a former grocery clerk turned journalist – where the pomegranate juice was.
At the Shop Rite in New Rochelle, customers had to wait in line to get into the parking lot.

"If you're been born and lived in this town as long as I have – and probably close to you – you know, 18 inches is going to be a lot," said Jerry Moran of Eastchester.

It is late enough in the season that the clothing stores have already shifted to springwear. There was not much left in the way of warmer items such as hats and gloves for Tuesday – especially for the little ones.

""If you don't have it already, or you can't get it from friends, no, you can't find anything anymore," said Jennifer Rodriguez of Bronxville.

"I tried to find long-sleeve pajamas for my twins – boy-girl twins. They're 6. You're out of luck," said Marisa Jeffe of Bronxville. "They wear -- they just -- they just don't fit."

Stores that specialize in seasonal wear, such as Robert's in Mamaroneck, said this late storm is helping to jumpstart dead sales from our otherwise mild winter.

"Past three or four days, it's been going pretty good," said store owner Manny Enes.

The betting amongst everyone is that the storm will be hard for anyone to miss.

"I have dinner for the next three days. I also go have some juice and some snacks," said Arlene Simmons of Yonkers. "I'm ready."

The snow is expected to begin late Monday night with the heaviest snowfall set to start Tuesday morning. More than a foot – or even two feet – could be seen in some areas.

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