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2012: The Year In Viral Videos

NEW YORK (WLNY-TV) -- One of the best parts of the end of the year is all the "best of" lists that come with looking back on the last 365 days.

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The Couch decided to take a look back at the top viral videos of the year -- a list chock full of entertaining videos which led to countless wasted hours in the workplace - because once you start watching, you can't stop.

Stephen Voltz is the co-author of The Viral Video Manifesto. He is also one half of the Eepy Bird, the groundbreaking video group behind the legendary "Exploding Mentos and Diet Coke" videos. He joined us to fill us in on what exactly makes a video so successful, and his picks for the top YouTube hits of the year.

Voltz's picks:

5. Felix Baumgartner's Fall From The Edge Of Space

4. Elevator Ghost Prank

3. Drama In The Square

2. Somebody That I Used To Know cover by Walk Off The Earth

1. PSY's Gangham Style

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