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15 Brilliant Reactions To The Luis Suarez World Cup Bite On Twitter

by @TaraLipinsky

In what was already a brutal match between Italy and Uruguay in the World Cup Tuesday, notorious soccer menace Luis Suarez was at it again.

In almost the 80th minute, Suarez appeared to bite Italy defender Giorgio Chiellini on the shoulder. Uruguay went on to score a goal one minute later, beat Italy and move on to the next round.

Suarez, who’s been suspended twice before for biting and could be out for the rest of the tourney, is currently starring on social media. I mean if one player bites another at the World cup, you're gonna get some attention.

Here are 15 brilliant Tweets about the Suarez World Cup Snack.

15. Who doesn't love a good 'Silence of the Lambs' reference?

14. Well, if the cone fits.

13. We've got old school Dracula references...

12. And a modern day vampire twist.


11. Any excuse to reference zombies, no? 

10. The double entendre. Nice.

9. Then there's the chowing down jokes, meme style...

8. And one-liners. Try the veal.

7. Hunger Games?

6. See, who doesn't love a good 'Silence of the Lambs' reference?

5. Even kids are getting in on the act.

4. Wish I had made this astute sports media observation, first.

3. We're going to need a bigger football field?

2. Of course, there were the obvious Mike Tyson jokes.

1. But, I think Evander Holyfield won the internet with his observation. Do you think he invited Chiellini to lunch?

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