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11-Year-Old Kheris Rogers Makes History at NY Fashion Week

1010 WINS -- At just 11 years old, budding fashion designer Kheris Rogers took the fashion world by storm this past Sunday after unveiling her Flexin' In My Complexion clothing line at the Museum of the City of New York with two different shows during New York Fashion Week.

Rogers is the youngest designer ever to show her stuff during the long-running NYC event and couldn't feel more grateful for the experience and the opportunities the show has given her to spread her message.

When she was just in first grade, Rogers was one of only five black children in school and was unfairly singled out because of her skin tone.

Rogers explained to 1010 WINS that she began Flexin' In My Complexion "because I was bullied in school for my dark skin. Kids would tease me, call me mean names and did not want to play with me," she says. "I wanted to turn a negative situation into a positive situation so I created 'Flexin' In My Complexion' to empower others to love themselves from the inside which would reflect on the outside."

The young entrepreneur chose Harlem Front Row during the 2017 Fashion Week event to display her clothing line with three other models of different skin tones and has plans to launch her fall/winter collection soon.

The young business mogul even caught the attention of actress, Lupita Nyongo, who sported one of her T-shirts on Instagram.

Kheris tells 1010 WINS, "I did not expect the huge response that I have received, but I am just happy that I am able to inspire others that it is never too early or late to chase your dreams."

Visit for more info and to shop Kheris' line.

-Joe Cingrana

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