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Living In Live Time


Social Media's Impact On Girls

We live in a society that strives for "likes," but when it comes to the self-esteem of today's young women, it seems it's hardest for them to "like" themselves.


In Their Own Words

Several times a year, about 100 female Uniondale High School students gather after school for a program to address pertinent issues in the lives of young girls.


Social Media And Your Brain

The "personal" has turned public, and that's psychologically dangerous for young boys and girls because of the way in which their brains develop.


Sex And Social Media

Young girls and boys who spoke to say the amount of explicit material accessible online has desensitized them to sexual content on social media.


Young Stars Speak Out About Cyberbullying

Former "X Factor" contestant, Bea Miller, and singer/actress Laura Marano open up about cyberbullying.


Surgery For Selfies

Social media has changed the way we communicate but it has also changed the way in which we view ourselves.


Parenting In The Social Media World

It was the modern day "Freaky Friday." Only instead of switching real identities, Sara and her teenage daughter switched online identities.


Join The Movement

Social media has redefined the way we connect with each other, but when used improperly, it can have a sad and dangerous dark side.

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