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On Sept. 11, 2001, New York City was filled with confusion and fear. As the nation watched devastating acts of violence, they also saw the resilience of New Yorkers who came together like never before. Members of the 1010 WINS staff were among those who witnessed the horror and reported it to the rest of us. These are their first-hand accounts of arguably the darkest day in U.S. history.

"I passed a long line of firefighters, mostly young guys marching toward the mayhem. I have come to believe that many of them were in the final minutes of their lives."

LISTEN: John Montone Reflects

"The whole day was surreal; that was the definition of surreal because nothing seemed normal that day."

LISTEN: Al Jones Reflects

"I saw a man standing on the side of the road and his eyes were just fixed to the towers. I tried to to speak to him and he wouldn't talk to me he just kept looking straight ahead as though he knew the full ramification of what had happpened."

LISTEN: Carol D'Auria Reflects

"I remember getting trampled, getting pushed into a building. Nothing I had learned in journalism school could ever prepare me for that day."

LISTEN: Eileen Lehpamer Reflects

"When the first tower went down I was instructed to stay by Giuliani's side and I did for two and a half days...I tried not to be in awe of what happened but it was impossible not to be."

LISTEN: Glenn Schuck Reflects

"There were twisted metal pieces that used to be an office chair, a desk that was splintered apart, a clock that had been on somebody's wall and books -- those were chilling reminders of the people that worked in that building everyday."

LISTEN: Juliet Papa Reflects

"I saw people streaming out of the subways...There was a fear in the air of the unknown, what else is going to happen."

LISTEN: Mona Rivera Reflects

"I got over to Ninth Avenue, there were people standing in front of their stores, standing in front of their houses looking up in the sky towards the Trade Center in disbelief."

LISTEN: Stan Brooks Reflects

"Down at ground zero, the Red Cross fed us and I got probably the best meal I ever had -- it was a bologna sandwich made by a second grader in Ohio."

LISTEN: Terry Sheridan Reflects

"I knew the first tower had come down, I saw the second tower coming down and yet I still couldn't reconcile in my head that was actually what was happening.""

LISTEN: Programming Director Ben Mevorach Reflects

"I remember seeing people waving whatever they could from the holes and seeing people hold hands and jump out of the hole.""

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