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10 Travel Essentials For Your Next Ski Trip

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A ski trip can be a fun and exciting vacation option. However, extremely cold temperatures can turn a fun-filled ski vacation into one where you end up indoors, sipping hot cocoa and never leaving the warmth of the fireplace at the lodge. Packing the following ski trip essentials will help ensure you stay warm and are able to enjoy the great outdoors from sun up to way past sundown.

Warm Jacket

Temperatures on the slopes can drop and the wind can make it feel even colder than it really is. The right jacket will keep you warm, making it possible to enjoy an entire day in the great outdoors skiing. A comfortable, down-filled nylon jacket will keep you both dry and warm while skiing. These types of jackets are available in a variety of styles, colors and sizes, making it possible to have a functional jacket while still looking stylish on the slopes

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Ski Pants

Just like the warm jacket, comfortable nylon ski pants will help keep you dry while skiing. Ski pants also help add an extra layer of clothing over your legs, which will help keep you warm while skiing.


The jacket you will wear while skiing can be bulky and might not be comfortable when walking through town or going out for dinner. A comfy sweater will help keep you warm without having to carry that heavy ski jacket everywhere you go. A ribbed, wool sweater will keep you warm and looks nice with either a pair of jeans or dress pants.

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A colorful turtleneck, or fleece that zips up over your entire neck, will add some color to your outfit while adding an extra layer of warmth. Either of these look great under a ski jacket or wool sweater and can be worn on the slopes or while walking around town.


Even if you are not planning on skiing one day, a scarf is an essential item you need to pack for any ski trip. The scarf can be worn on the outside of a jacket, wrapped around your neck on the inside of the jacket or wrapped around your face to protect it from the wind while skiing. If you are expecting extremely low temperatures while traveling, seek out a scarf that is made out of 100 percent wool, which will definitely keep you warm.

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A thick wool hat will help keep your head warm while skiing. It will also help reduce the amount of heat that leaves your body through the top of your head. There are many different types and colors of wool hats available, including those with the little pompon on the top.


A good pair of water-resistant gloves will help keep your hands warm and dry as the snow melts in your hands. Select a pair of gloves that are not only comfortable to wear, but also allow your hands to maneuver and function normally. This makes it so you can still pick things up without having to remove the gloves.

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Ski Boots

Find a pair of ski boots that are both comfortable and well insulated. Look for a pair that is made of leather, waterproof, thoroughly insulated and comfortable to walk around in. Also, find a pair that is easy to put on and take off. There are several different styles, making is possible to find ski boots that are just as fashionable as they are functional.

Wool Socks

If your feet are warm, chances are the rest of your body will feel warm. A good, thick pair of wool socks will keep your feet warm both on the slopes and while lounging around your room. Make sure to bring several pairs of wool socks, so you can take off those you wore while skiing and put on a fresh, dry pair upon returning to your room.


Layering is a great way to keep warm without feeling like you are wearing bulky clothes. A great set of thermal undergarments will help add that extra layer and keep you warm while skiing.

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Spending all day out in the cold skiing or exploring your ski vacation destination can sometimes get a bit uncomfortable. All of the above-listed items are essential to pack when going on a ski vacation. They are just some of many items you will need to bring with you. Just do not forget the skis (if you own them), a fleece ski vest (when the weather warms up a bit) and a bathing suit (to enjoy the hot tub at night).

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