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1-Woman Liquor Store Wrecking Crew Explains Herself

WEST NYACK, N.Y. (CBSNewYork) -- The woman who let loose in a Rockland County liquor store has turned herself in and she's talking about what provoked her bottle-breaking binge.

CBS 2's Tony Aiello has the exclusive story.

Her liquor store snit fit was caught on surveillance camera. Mahogany Morrow, 31, stiff-armed a shelf as she stormed out, leaving a trail of broken booze bottles in her wake.

"It was a big mistake. I am apologetic. That's not me. That's not my character. That's not my demeanor," Morrow said Thursday.

Aiello caught up with Morrow at the Palisades Mall, where she works at "Dave and Busters."

She admitted her bottle-busting was the wrong reaction to a dispute with the store clerk.

Morrow said the clerk's use of the phrase "you people" set her off.

"'You people, you kind of people, don't know why you come in here 'cuz you cause so much trouble.'" Who is 'you people?' And what is my kind of people?" Morrow said.

Store manager Chris Giacopelli said the clerk told a different story, but no matter.

"Either way, no excuse what she did. Whatever she was feeling, still shouldn't have done what she done. I didn't like it, could've walked out and gone to another liquor store," Giacopelli said.

It's another addition to the meltdown hall of shame -- along with former flight attendant Stephen Slater and his infamous runway exit and the Ohio mom who got Mc-nasty because the drive-thru worker forgot her McNuggets.

Aiello showed the Mahogany morrow video to Manhattan therapist Ruth Lippin.

"We live in a society where there is tons of stress and one of the results of stress is chronic anger," Lippin said.

Morrow is a single mom who recently moved from Brooklyn to Rockland.

Lippin said Morrow seems like a good person who had a really, really bad day.

"I think we have to look at her with a lot of compassion and absolutely with 'there by the grace of God go I.' I think we've all felt those feelings, we've all felt those physical sensations. She did not control them," Lippin said.

"At the end of the day, the situation got out of hand and I'm apologetic for it. I'm highly apologetic for it," Morrow said.

She's sorry, ashamed and unlucky. Her angry outburst happened in a store with 13 surveillance cameras.

Morrow surrendered to police Wednesday night after CBS 2 first aired the surveillance video. She's charged with criminal mischief, a felony that could land her in prison for more than a year.

Do you think this woman's apology should fall on deaf ears or do you feel compassion for her? Let us know below.

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