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1 dead after tractor-trailer drives off overpass onto van on I-287

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Lanes reopened on I-287 after deadly tractor trailer crash 00:32

HARRISON, N.Y. -- A deadly crash involving a tractor-trailer is under investigation on I-287 in Westchester County.

It happened around 10 a.m. Wednesday between Exits 9a and 8e in Harrison. 

See live updates below for the latest.


Victim of deadly truck accident identified

Driver identified in fatal tractor trailer crash in Westchester County 00:32

New York State Police have released the name of the person killed in the crash. 

They say Nathan Montalvo, 42, of Guilford, Conn. died when the tractor-trailer plunged from an overpass onto I-287.

The driver of a white van that narrowly escaped being smashed flat by the falling rig has been identified as 37-year-old Aris Guerrerro,of West Hempstead, an employee of Syosset Truck Sales.   

The crash remains under investigation. Anyone who may have information is asked to call police at (914) 769-2600.

By CBS New York Team

Lanes reopen on Westbound I-287

Lanes reopened Wednesday evening on Westbound I-287, hours after a tractor trailer flew off an overpass, killing the driver and leaving the driver of another vehicle hospitalized.

By CBS New York Team

Investigators working on why tractor-trailer driver went off ramp above

There was a deadly crash in Westchester County on Wednesday involving a tractor-trailer, which plunged from an overpass onto I-287. The driver of the rig died and the driver of another vehicle was hospitalized.

The fatal crash shut down the westbound lanes and they remained closed hours later.

Investigators say the tractor-trailer was on the ramp above, lost control and plunged onto to the expressway below.

1 dead after tractor trailer plummets over overpass in Westchester 02:56

Investigators were seen up on that ramp off 9E, which overlooked a large field of smashed truck parts on I-287.

Video shows a white van that narrowly escaped being smashed flat by the falling rig. Driving the van was an employee of Syosset Truck Sales, a man in his 30s who was hospitalized.

CBS2 spoke by phone to co-worker Pamela Muller about how he's doing and what a close call it was for him.

"I'm sure it was very scary for him. He was on his way making deliveries. Next thing you know we got a phone call that he was in an accident and he was concerned because he was bleeding," Muller said. "He's in the hospital and we know he has a few broken bones and that's to the extent of the injuries that we know right now. They were running tests on him. We're very grateful that he's alive and I'm sure he'll be okay."

Westbound I-287 remains closed and traffic is backed up for miles.

The focus of the investigation will be on what happened to the tractor-trailer's driver that cost him his life, as he traveled the ramp from I-287 to I-684 North. At a spot where it curves, his rig went straight and over.

Investigators say one possibility is that he may have suffered some kind of medical episode, but it could be a few weeks before anyone knows for sure.

It is also unknown if the man who died lives in the area, or is a long-haul truck driver from out of state.

CBS2 told by some crew members working on the scene the truck carried a load of Christmas trees for recycling.

Investigators say the final report will include autopsy results. Loved ones of the injured van driver are count their blessings that he managed to survive.

By Dave Carlin

Westbound I-287 closed as investigation continues

1 dead after tractor-trailer drives off overpass 01:21

A tractor-trailer plunged off an overpass Wednesday in Harrison onto the westbound lanes of I-287

The driver of the tractor-trailer was killed in the crash. 

The truck was traveling along the ramp from eastbound I-287, also known as the Cross-Westchester Expressway, to northbound 684 when it plunged onto the westbound lanes of I-287 below.

The trailer was completely flattened and the cab was significantly damaged.

The truck also struck a van that was traveling on the highway. One person from the van was hospitalized with unknown injuries.

The westbound lanes remain completely shutdown, with traffic being detoured at Exit 9a to 684.

By CBS New York Team

1 person killed

New York State Police say the driver of the tractor-trailer was killed in the crash. 

One person in the van that was struck was taken to the hospital with unknown injuries. 

By CBS New York Team

Initial information

Tractor-Trailer crashes onto van after falling off overpass 01:52

Chopper 2 was over the scene where it appeared a tractor-trailer drove off an overpass and landed on the highway below. 

It struck at least one vehicle on the highway. 

So far, there's no word on any injuries. 

The westbound lanes are completely closed to traffic at the exit to 684. 

By CBS New York Team

Chopper 2 over scene

Chopper 2 Flying

Chopper 2 is checking out a report of a crash involving a tractor-trailer on I-287 in Harrison. Watch more coverage on CBS News New York:

Posted by CBS New York on Wednesday, January 18, 2023
By CBS New York Team
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