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World Cup trophy broken during Berlin partying, official says

Last week, Germany's national soccer team shared their fourth World Cup title with some 400,000 fans by parading the trophy through cheering throngs in Berlin.

Apparently, they celebrated a little too hard. German Football Association president Wolfgang Niersbach told a newspaper that a piece of the trophy "was chipped off" during the frenzied party.

"At one point, a small piece of our World Cup trophy was chipped off," Niersbach told Die Welt. "But do not worry! We have specialists on the case who can fix it. We have investigated persistently who it was that damaged the trophy, but the investigation was concluded without a result."

According to ESPN, the World Cup trophy is worth more than 10 million euros. FIFA says the prize is made of 18-carat gold and the base contains two layers of semi-precious malachite.

But the German team need not fret - the trophy that was damaged was just a replica because FIFA retains possession of the actual trophy.

The German players were not shy about sharing their prize after their thrilling win. Pop star Rihanna tweeted a photo of her holding the trophy with players Lukas Podolski and Bastian Schweinsteiger: