Fans unite for World Cup viewings across the U.S.

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Across the nation, Americans are running on World Cup time, scheduling their lives around team USA. From New York to L.A., fans are expected to turn out in droves to catch the high-stakes match against Belgium.

"We're gonna try and take an extra long lunch around 3:00" said Justin Henning from Seattle.

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In Chicago, where tens of thousands packed Grant Park last week, the festivities are moving to Soldier Field to make room for a growing fan base struck by World Cup fever.

"This is 'be big', 'win or go home,'" said Don Garber, commissioner of Major League Soccer.

"People are crowding into bars and restaurants they're crowding into these massive public events and there's like a collective breath that's being held for 90 minutes," Garber said.

Even President Obama has gotten in on the action, tuning in from Air Force One, and sending well wishes from the White House.

President Barack Obama and White House Senior Adviser Valerie Jarrett watch the World Cup soccer match between U.S. and Germany aboard Air Force One en route to Minnesota, Thursday, June 26, 2014. AP

"I want to wish the U.S. team a lot of luck in the game to come," Obama said.

The momentum began building with America's victory over Ghana and hasn't let up. Even when the U.S. lost to Germany last week, the team and its supporters still came away winners.

As more diehard fans are born with each match, soccer lovers around the world are taking notice.

"This is a special moment for this sport, and you gotta seize those moments and you really have to hop on this while you can because you never know when this moment's going to come back," Garber said.