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Williams' Dad Questions Ledger's Will

Michelle Williams' father has joined the controversy over Heath Ledger's estate.

Larry Williams, a top futures trader and author, is questioning a will filed in New York that claims the late actor was worth only $145,000 at the time of his death. He wants the actor's father, Kim, to explain how an in-demand Hollywood actor could be worth so little.

"It's real simple: just come clean with everything," Williams told The Sunday Telegraph. "It's so easy to resolve this. (Kim Ledger) just has to say where the income went and where the assets are. I'm certain that there is grieving in the Ledger family but (lawyers for) Kim have already filed papers in New York, so it seems like it's time to be transparent about it."

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Williams, who admittedly doesn't have a close relationship with his daughter, wants to know why she and the Ledger family didn't "sit down and sort all this out" before the court documents were filed.

"I have no idea what Heath Ledger was worth (but) they certainly haven't stated all of the assets to the court," Williams said.

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The will was drafted in 2003, two years before the birth of Heath Ledger and Michelle Williams' two-year-old daughter, Matilda Rose. The actor named his father, mother and sisters as beneficiaries, but Matilda Rose is named as "an interested party" in the documents, The Sunday Telegraph reported.

Williams isn't the only one questioning Kim Ledger's handling of his son's estate.

Earlier this month, Kim Ledger's estranged brothers claimed he mismanaged the $2 million estate of their grandfather, Sir Frank Ledger.

One of the brothers, Hayden Ledger, said that Larry Williams asked him if Kim Ledger was capable of managing the actor's estate.

"I just said 'No, not if he handles it like ours,'" he told People.

Larry Williams has financial and legal troubles of his own. He has been in Australia since 2006 fighting extradtion back to the U.S. to face tax evasion charges. His next hearing is scheduled for August. Williams denies the charges.
By Melissa Castellanos

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