Who is Jill Kelley?

Jill Kelley
Jill Kelley leaves her home Monday, Nov. 12, 2012, in Tampa, Fla.
AP Photo

(CBS News) Jill Kelley has been called the other other woman involved in the scandal that led to the resignation of retired Army Gen. David Petraeus from his post as CIA director. Kelley received and reported email threats from Paula Broadwell, Petraeus' alleged mistress. The emails prompted the FBI investigation that ultimately brought Petraeus' infidelity to light.

Now, the FBI is investigating new emails between Kelley and John Allen, the top U.S. General in Afghanistan. The Tampa, Fla., socialite has three young children with her husband, a prominent cancer surgeon. The couple met Petraeus about five years ago through their charitable work for military families. The couple often attends events at the military's central command center in Tampa.

Kelley is also known to host glamorous bashes of her own -- but for now, she is staying silent. She left her home on Monday but did not speak to the press. Kelley has hired high-profile attorney Abbe Lowell and crisis manager Judy Smith, who previously represented Monica Lewinsky.

Jill Kelley's brother, David Khawam, spoke out on her behalf this week. "I know who my sister is and I know she's a good mother and a good wife," he said. "This is completely uncharacteristic of her to have romantic relationships outside of her marriage."

"The primary thing is that she wants her privacy protected," he added. "I think she'll probably come out and make a statement at one point."

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