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Which pet insurance covers dental?

From accidents and illness to routine cleanings, pet insurance can help offset your pet's dental care costs. Getty Images/iStockphoto

Oral hygiene is something many pet owners only think of when it becomes a problem. This can be a pricey mistake.

According to pet insurance marketplace Pawlicy Advisor, tooth extraction can cost anywhere from $10 to $35 per tooth for dogs and up to $1,300 per tooth for cats. A root canal runs an average of $1,500 to $3,000 for either animal. And the routine dental care that can prevent bigger issues can be costly in itself.

"If your pet is young and healthy, a regular cleaning could be $500 to $1,000, on average. That's not a typo," says pet insurer Lemonade. "For an older dog with oral health issues, the cost could actually be over $1,000."

One way to offset these costs is by purchasing pet insurance. Depending on the plan, pet insurance can reimburse you for up to 90% of your pet's medical expenses, including dental care in many cases. 

Which pet insurance covers dental?

All of the following pet insurance plans cover basic dental accidents and injuries. Some go above and beyond with options to add routine dental care.

Fetch by The Dodo

"We provide the most comprehensive dental coverage in the industry," Fetch says. "Unlike other providers, we cover injury and disease in every adult tooth, not just the canines. Plus, you get full coverage for gum disease (the most common disease in dogs and cats), oral tumors, trauma, and more."

Fetch by The Dodo does not cover routine or preventative teeth cleaning. However, teeth cleaning may be covered if your vet recommends it to treat a covered condition.

Get a free quote from Fetch by The Dodo here.


Spot's accident and illness plans cover dental illness and tooth extractions related to dental accidents. You can also add premium preventative care coverage for routine dental cleanings.

Spot is a great choice for pet parents seeking flexibility to customize their policy. With several annual limit and deductible options to choose from, you can create the right balance of coverage and affordability for you.

Get a free quote from Spot here.


Figo's pet insurance includes coverage for dental illness and injury, such as broken teeth, tooth abscesses and root canals. Figo is noteworthy for having no upper age limit, making it a great option for those seeking coverage for their older pets.

Get a free quote from Figo here.


Embrace pet insurance covers treatment for dental accidents and illnesses up to $1,000 per policy year. This includes broken or chipped teeth, extractions, root canals and crowns and periodontal disease. Only new accidents and illnesses are covered; pre-existing conditions are rarely covered by any pet insurance policy.

You can add routine dental care coverage by purchasing Embrace's Wellness Rewards add-on plan. This plan covers dental cleaning, pet toothbrushes and toothpaste, dental chews and more.

Get a free quote from Embrace here.

Pets Best

Pets Best covers dental procedures related to periodontal diseases, extractions and endodontic (dental pulp) treatment for canine and carnassial teeth. Your pet must not have any dental disease when you enroll them, and they must have had a teeth cleaning in the past 13 months if they're over age 3, to qualify for this coverage. Pets Best also offers routine care add-on packages for things like dental cleanings.

While most pet insurance requires you to pay your vet at the time of visit, reimbursing you later, Pets Best offers a Vet Direct Pay option so you don't have to pull anything from your own wallet.

Get a free quote from Pets Best here.

Lemonade Preventative+ Care Package

You can add dental coverage to a basic Lemonade pet insurance policy with the Preventative+ Care package. It includes all the benefits of the lower-tier Preventative Care package, such as vaccinations, screening tests and annual physicals. In addition, it covers dental cleaning (up to $150 per year) and heartworm or flea and tick medication

Lemonade is especially worth considering for owners of mixed-breed pets. It groups mixed breeds into a general bucket, rather than listing specific mixed breeds (such as "Labrador Mix"). This can help owners of riskier mixes save money.

Check out Lemonade's prices here.

The bottom line

Pet insurance can save you tens of thousands of dollars over the course of your pet's life. By selecting a policy that covers dental treatments, you can save even more and help ensure your furry friend lives a longer, happier life.

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