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Where Hillary Clinton stands on terrorism

Where does Hillary Clinton stand on terrorism... 01:31

As Americans weigh their options for the next commander-in-chief, the U.S. continues its fight against terrorist organizations like the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS), both at home and abroad.

Pitching her plans to combat terrorism, Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton has taken to the campaign trail with pledges to continue an air campaign in the Middle East -- but her plans to combat terrorism fall short of sending boots on the ground.

“In terms of thousands of combat troops like some on the Republican side are recommending... it should be a non-starter,” Clinton said last year in an interview with “CBS This Morning.” “Both because I don’t think it’s the smartest way to go after ISIS -- I think it gives ISIS a new recruitment tool if we get back in the fight.”

Instead, Clinton would rely heavily on U.S. allies in Europe and in the Middle East region when it comes to fighting terror threats.

Here are the key components to Clinton’s counterterrorism strategy: 

Take out ISIS strongholds in Iraq and Syria from the air

Work with U.S. allies abroad to dismantle terror networks

  • Partner with European allies to share intelligence and target sources of terror financing

  • Assist in air missions over Iraq and Syria

  • Train and equip special forces

Clinton plans to fight homegrown terrorism as well

  • Create a task force to eliminate “lone wolves”

  • Launch an “intelligence surge” to better equip local and federal law enforcement

  • Build on law enforcement relations with Muslim American communities. After the Pulse nightclub shooting in Orlando, Clinton proposed “intensifying” such relations, saying, “Millions of peace-loving Muslims live, work and raise their families across America. And they are the most likely to recognize the insidious effects of radicalization before it’s too late, and the best positioned to help us block it. So we should be intensifying contacts in those communities, not scapegoating or isolating them.”

  • Implement “no fly, no buy” policies to prevent those on terror watch lists from obtaining firearms

  • Work with tech companies to fight ISIS propaganda  

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