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What makes Lucy Liu sore by the end of the day

(CBS) Having starred in Quentin Tarantino's "Kill Bill," Lucy Liu is no stranger to tough action roles. Liu, who can now also be seen on the small screen in the CBS drama "Elementary," is grabbing a sword once again as the cunning Madame Blossom in "The Man with The Iron Fists," co-starring Russell Crowe and rapper RZA.

Liu sat down with in New York to discuss her Madame Blossom role and we asked what kind of shape she's in by the end of the day after shooting those rigorous action scenes.

"I'm completely destroyed," she told us while laughing, "Also, it was really cold [shooting] in China. It's hard to keep yourself warmed up when you're stretching there."

"The Man with the Iron Fists" is a passion project for Liu's co-star RZA. The Wu Tang Clan member doesn't just star in the title role as the man who has his hands replaced with literal iron fists. He also co-wrote the screenplay (along with horror director Eli Roth) and served as a first-time director.

"I realized that I didn't know anything [about filmmaking]," RZA explained to us, "And so therefore, instead of trying to figure it out myself, I went and spent time with a master. You can only learn so much from a book, but now you need to know how to apply it. Go to a master, and they'll show you how to apply it."

Find out who that master was by watching our interview with RZA and Liu and the top of this story.

"The Man with the Iron Fists" opens on November 2.