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Bob Dylan: What I'd do if I weren't a musician

Bob Dylan says if he weren't a musician, he would be a teacher.

The 73-year-old singer is on the cover of AARP magazine's February/March issue. He says in an interview that "if I had to do it all over again, I'd be a schoolteacher." He adds that he "probably" would have taught Roman history or theology.

Dylan will release "Shadows In the Night" on Feb. 3. The album features songs from the 1920s to the 1960s, including standards like "Autumn Leaves," "That Lucky Old Sun" and "Stay With Me."

The songs also were recorded by Frank Sinatra. Dylan says he thinks Sinatra would "be amazed I did these songs with a five-piece band."

"I don't see myself as covering these songs in any way," Dylan said in a statement. "They've been covered enough. Buried, as a matter a fact. What me and my band are basically doing is uncovering them. Lifting them out of the grave and bringing them into the light of day."

Dylan is giving 50,000 readers of the magazine a free copy of his album.

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