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Wes Anderson's "Star Wars: Episode VII" audition tape (or a parody sketch on "Conan")

(CBS News) Conan O'Brien recently had a little fun on "Conan" and tried to envision what a notable director's interpretation of the recently announced "Star Wars: Episode VII" might look like. The director in question? Wes Anderson. I think you can tell where this one is going...

Han still shoots first!  The tongue-in-cheek sketch was posted up by Team Coco who comment:

Mos Eisley has never looked so cozy & artisanal.

So in light of the Disney purchase of LucasFilm (and the Star Wars franchise), which we've highlighted a few times now here and here on The Feed, what do you all think about the idea of a new Star Wars movie? I'll be honest, I'm still really on the fence about it, but leave me some comment love with some of your own thoughts below. And to check out more fun sketches and interviews from "Conan", you can visit the show's website by clicking here.
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