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Disney meets Star Wars and a history of commonly misheard lyrics (a mixed bag of music and humor)

(CBS News) We showed you a fun, tongue-in-cheek, Disney-themed musical parody piece just a moment ago in the form of some princesses welcoming the latest addition to their team, Princess Leia. Now we've got a sweet Star Wars meets Disney movies-turned-into-music remix from one of our favorite media mashup artists on the scene right now: Eclectic Method! Take a look and listen.

The merger of Star Wars into the Disney fold has definitely been inspiring a lot of interest and creativity on the Internet, and Eclectic Method has found a fascinating way of paying tribute to the new media mixture with this media mix of their own entitled "Disney Wars". Another amazing piece of work from Eclectic Method that has earned major props from all of us here at The Feed!

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And to keep the music going, we've got a new piece of work from another favorite of ours here at The Feed: CDZA (short for Collective Cadenza).  Their latest video below entitled "History of Misheard Lyrics" identifies a lot of the songs you love and (think) you know with some of the popularly mistaken variations done with the lyrics. Another great piece of music and humor from CDZA that has impressed all of us here at The Feed, and that has also earned them major props for their continuing series of awesome, experimental music videos.

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