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Disney princesses welcome Princess Leia to the family (through song and dance)

(CBS News) Last month we saw Disney princesses get a tongue-in-cheek portrayal as modern day hipsters with some wonderful singing and dancing. But since that time, there has been a bit of a change over at Disney and a new addition to the ranks of royalty: Princess Leia! Watch her get welcomed to the family in the video above. Spoiler: there will be more singing and dancing.

The musical introduction of the Star Wars icon to the Disney cast of characters stars Sarah Moliski (Aurora), Stephanie Kenna (Leia)Molly Gallagher (Ariel), Elizabeth Oldak (Belle), Tiger Darrow (Snow White), Tanja Nagler (Cinderella), and was posted by YouTube user AVbyte (aka Antonius and Vijay Nazareth) who write about the playful piece:

Snow White, Ariel, Belle, Cinderella and Aurora teach Princess Leia what it means to be a Disney Princess. Disney Princess 101!

I, for one, think Princess Leia is going to fit in just fine with the other Disney princesses in the end. Well, maybe...  Either way, another amazing musical production from AVbyte that has earned them a big triple-rainbow salute of excellence from all of us here at The Feed! To check out more work from Avbyte, be sure to visit their YouTube page by clicking here.
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