Watch the new trailer for "Dear White People" on Netflix

The new trailer for Netflix’s series, “Dear White People,” is out and the students of Winchester University are back. 

“Dear White People” is adapted from the movie of the same name and it follows racial tension on the campus of Winchester, a fictional Ivy League college where the population is mostly white. 

A few key characters are back from the film, including protagonist Samantha White, who hosts a controversial campus radio show, Troy, the son of a dean who doesn’t want to cause any trouble and Lionel, the student newspaper reporter. 

The trailer makes it clear, first of all, that the show is not just for white people in spite of its name. It opens with a cheeky trigger warning: “The following program is meant for both white and black audiences and every other color imaginable.” 

The trailer also shows Samantha navigating a secret interracial relationship while students react to a Halloween party with blackface costumes. One black student laments to his white classmate that it seems like the two attend different schools. 

Dear White People | Official Trailer [HD] | Netflix by Netflix US & Canada on YouTube

Watch the trailer below. The show hits Netflix on April 28. 

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