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Want to lose weight? These apps will keep you on track

Dieting apps to help you lose weight 01:14

Whether you're trying to lose those last 10 pounds or aiming for bigger goals, weigh loss apps can help keep you focused.

Lose It and My Fitness Pal are two of the most popular weight loss apps around - and there's a good reason why. The free apps are like digital food diaries. Users can get goals, add a food item, calculate calorie count and subtract calories by exercising.

You can connect the apps to fitness trackers. Lose It works with Nike's FuelBand and My Fitness Pal works Jawbone's UP band; both work with Fitbit's Tracker.

Lose It is available for iOS and Android devices. My Fitness Pal is available for iOS, Android, Windows Phone and BlackBerry.

Need a little motivation? A cute app called My Diet Coach lets you set diet reminders and motivational notes, has tips for how to face food cravings and has a weight loss chart. The app is free for iOS and Android devices.

If nothing else is working for you, how about a losing weight with friends? An app called Diet Bet turns weight loss into a group competition. You and your friends can put money in a pot and whoever loses the most, wins.

Some pots have reached hundreds of thousands of dollars. How's that for an incentive? The app only works if you're part of a game, but you can find a competition to join on the website The free Diet Bet app is available for iOS devices only.

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