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Viral video shows man's valiant attempt not to fall on driveway ice in Virginia

Epic icy driveway slip
Watch: Man's epic slip down icy driveway 01:00

A video viewed more than 44 million times shows a man's effort to stay upright as he steps onto ice and slides down a slippery driveway. It seems the driveway was coated with black ice.

The video, posted on social media Tuesday, appears to show the man leaving his Northern Virginia home, CBS Richmond affiliate WTVR reports. As he walks onto his driveway, his right foot slides out in front of him.

The video ends with the man tumbling onto the grass after a dramatic slip and slide.

"He is fine," his wife tweeted after posting the video on social media. "This thing is going viral. I cannot stop laughing."

Dozens of accidents Tuesday in Central Virginia were blamed on black ice, which also caused many school systems to shut their doors for a fourth day.

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