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Correspondent: Anthony Mason

Producer/Editor: Douglas W. Smith

With all the turmoil on Wall Street in the last few weeks, Anthony Mason takes us down to the belly of the beast, the floor of the New York Stock Exchange. Arthur Cashin, a senior trader for Paine-Webber who has spent 40 years at the Exchange, gives us a close-up view of what is sending shivers across the trading floor. For weeks now, the street's been haunted by rumors that funds like John Meriwether's Long Term Capital Fund, even some banks, were also about to go under. Jim Rogers, a legendary international investor, gives us his "contrarian" views on the market's ups and downs.


Correspondent: Eugenia Zukerman

Producer: Estelle Popkin

Editor: Al Balisky

Vienna is a city rightfully proud of its rich musical heritage. But before there was Schubert, before there was Mozart, before there was Haydn, there were the voices of the Wiener Sangerknaben, the Vienna Choir Boys. This year the choir is celebrating its 500th anniversary. Agnes Grossman is the artistic director of the Vienna Choir Boys who range in age from 10 to 14. He lives with 100 other choir boys in a restored 18th century palace. In addition to being musically gifted, the boys must speak German and have a relative living in Vienna. All receive free room and board and a free education. The mornings are devoted to geography and physics and English lessons and the afternoons to music.

Today, the Vienna Choir Boys is a self-supporting organization. Because of an extensive touring schedule there are in fact four choirs of 24 members each, all capable of performing a wide-ranging repertoire. This month the extraordinary sound of the Vienna Choir Boys is being heard across the United States as they mark their 500th anniversary with a celebratory tour.


This week, John Leonard reviews the film Beloved, adapted from the original book written by Toni Morrison and starring Oprah Winfrey.


Correspondent: Barbara Kingsolver

Producer: Mary Lou Teel

Editor: German Bonefont

This week, best-selling writer Barbara Kingsolver ends us a Postcard from the hill country of Appalachia, where she spends her summers writing, and where, last summer, she wrote The Poisonwood Bible, just out this month from HarperCollins.

Barbara Kingsolver's Sunday Morning essay is adapted from the Forward she wrote for the NaturConservancy's Anthology of Fiction, published last year, called Off the Beaten Path. In it, she considers the importance of wild places, in her life, and in all our lives. She writes in two places, Tucson, Arizona, her home from August to May, and Abingdon, Virigina, where she and her family repair to an old cabin built of sturdy chesnut logs for the summer.


Correspondent: Charles Kuralt

Producer: E.S. Lamoreaux III

Editor: Bob Shattuck

Editor: Robin Skeete

They had never seen anything like pitcher Bob Feller. In his first major league game -- at age 17 -- he struck out 15 batters. Bob Feller led the league in strike outs seven years in a row. He pitched three no-hitters and twelve one-hit games. And his fast ball -- How fast was it? You will see some fast balls int the World Series in the next couple of weeks, but you won't see one like the one Bob Feller threw. Charles Kuralt interviews Rapid Robert -- part of our Sunday Best from October 7, 1990.


Correspondent: Alison Stewart

Producer: Steve Glauber

Producer: Chris Martin

Editor: Christie DeLisio

Editor: Grayce Arlotta-Berner

Fortunately in today's society, people with disabilities can live productive and independent lives with the proper care. This is not the case, however, for a surprising number of disabled people who find themselves in geriatric nursing homes. Disabled people like Ben Kramich and Micki Grace need attendant care, that is help with life's daily activities. Medicaid will only pay for attendent care when it's provided in a nursing home, not in one's own home. And while each state can alter the rules for paying attendants in the home, many do not pay enough.

Bob Kafka, who was crippled in a car crash, is a leader in the movement for disabled rights. He is fighting against the Medicaid law that keeps many in nursing homes by proposing the Micasa Bill, a bill that would allow people to choose how to use their Medicaid money, either for a nursing home or in their own home. CBS News Correspondent Alison Stewart takes a closer look at the problems surrounding attendent care and the people who are affected by it.


Grand Isle, Louisiana.
Cameraman: Bill Rodman