Turkish gov't continues terror manhunt, keeps public in dark

Turkey terror suspect ID'ed

ISTANBUL -- Turkey’s President Recep Tayyip Erdogan addressed his nation Wednesday for the first time since the New Year’s Eve terror attack on a nightclub that left 39 people dead.

He said the country must stand tall, a message meant to inspire confidence in security -- but he didn’t give a single update on the manhunt for the suspect in the bloody attack in Istanbul.

Police release new video of Istanbul nightclub shooter

As CBS News correspondent Jonathan Vigliotti reports, four days after the gunman’s rampage, a “selfie” video showing the suspect filming on Istanbul’s streets, is all the country has to go on.

Turkey’s foreign minister said earlier Wednesday that authorities have identified the attacker, but for reasons still unclear, they still haven’t released the name.

Police have arrested dozens of possible accomplices, including 27 people detained overnight in the city of Izmir.

ISIS claims responsibility for Turkey nightclub attack

Meanwhile, a steady stream of funerals are taking place across the region as the scale of the carnage comes into focus. Many of the victims were Middle Eastern.

In Turkey, the government has extended the official state of emergency, allowing them to carry out additional raids, with little explanation.

The Turkish government has also issued a so-called media black-out on the story, allowing them to control the message, while cracking down on reports they don’t like.