This week on "Sunday Morning" (May 13)

This week "Sunday Morning" comes from London, which is preparing for a royal wedding.

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Last Updated May 13, 2018 11:07 AM EDT

Jane Pauley hosts "A Sunday Morning in London," a special edition anchored from London that explores British history, people, places and culture in advance of the upcoming wedding of Britain's Prince Harry and American Meghan Markle.

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Jane Pauley hosts a special broadcast of "Sunday Morning" from London, in advance of next week's wedding of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle. CBS News

The changing face of Britain today | Watch Video
Our understanding of Great Britain has been shaped by our views of royals and big houses with drama upstairs and downstairs. And it's all more or less wrong. Mark Phillips looks at how Britain is becoming more and more like America – a multicultural melting pot. He also asks, can you make a living as a Duke nowadays?

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Britain's queen of royal memorabilia | Watch Video
Lee Cowan meets a royal superfan who has one of the world's most extensive collections of royal memorabilia.

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Fashion royalty: The legacy of Diana (Video)
Jane Pauley takes a look at fashion royalty: gowns worn by Princess Diana, now on display at Kensington Palace.

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John Cleese as Basil Fawlty, thoughtfully doing an impersonation for his German hotel guests, in the classic British comedy series "Fawlty Towers."  BBC

CULTURE: The British TV invasion | Watch Video
Tracy Smith looks into why British TV shows are so beloved by Americans - and so prone to imitation.

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Another round! It was "last call" for a 150-year-old pub when a developer wanted announced plans to convert it into apartments - then the community took action. CBS News

PUBS:  Last call? Fighting to save Britain's endangered pubs | Watch Video
Roxana Saberi reports on the decline of a British institution: the neighborhood pub.

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An Aston Martin. CBS News

AUTOMOTIVES: The Aston Martin, a piece of automotive art | Watch Video
Charlie D'Agata gets behind the wheel of the British automobile icon, a favorite of James Bond.

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Model, actress and pop icon Twiggy, with correspondent Martha Teichner. CBS News

SUNDAY PROFILE: Twiggy, still in fashion | Watch Video
Martha Teichner interviews the model, actress, singer, designer and '60s icon.

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The musical instrument and uniform, devised as instruments of war centuries ago, are today considered the epitome of cool. CBS News

MUSIC: Bagpipes and kilts: Scottish traditions that never go out of style | Watch Video
The musical instrument and uniform, devised as instruments of war centuries ago, are today considered the epitome of cool. Jonathan Vigliotti reports.

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An occasion for high tea. CBS News

AFTERNOON TEA: The history and etiquette of afternoon tea | Watch Video
Take a break with Seth Doane. 

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The Oscar-winning actress and producer talks about her new film, youthful rebellion, and married life. CBS News

MOVIES:  Rachel Weisz on "Disobedience" - the film, and her own | Watch Video
Tony Dokoupil profiles the actress, now starring in the London-based drama "Disobedience."

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America and England, separated by a common language | Watch Video
Faith Salie on British English vs. American English.

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 England's New Forest National Park (Video)
We leave you this Sunday morning at New Forest National Park, England's oldest royal hunting ground, established in 1079. Videographer: Henry Bautista.

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RULE BRITANNIA: London: A history lesson | Watch Video
Jane Pauley explores the history of London, what was once the center of the vast British Empire, and which today stands as a capital of commerce and culture, and one of the most cosmopolitan cities under the sun.

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 The Beefeaters' private club
The exclusive Yeoman Warders Club at the Tower of London is a private pub open only to those residing within the Tower's walls. Yeoman Sergeant Bob Loughlin, a "Beefeater," gives "Sunday Morning" host Jane Pauley a peek, and a taste of their traditions.

WEB EXTRA VIDEO: The tour of the Tower of London
Jane Pauley is given a tour of the Tower of London by Yeoman Sergeant Bob Loughlin, who explains the history, traditions and superstitions of the landmark, where the crown jewels are kept under guard, and where ravens keep their own watch.

Jane Pauley visits the archives of Hampton Court Palace. CBS News

HISTORY: A visit to England's Hampton Court Palace (Video)
Once the home to King Henry VIII, the palace just outside London today is known for its treasure trove of royal history. Jane Pauley takes a tour of it its peerless collection of royal and ceremonial garments.

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