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This week on "Sunday Morning": Remembering Charles Osgood (January 28)

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"Sunday Morning" anchor Charles Osgood.  CBS News

"CBS News Sunday Morning" will celebrate the life and legacy of our beloved former anchor with a special edition, "Remembering Charles Osgood," to be broadcast on Sunday, January 28 on CBS and streamed on Paramount+.

Osgood, who anchored the broadcast for 22 years before retiring in 2016, died Tuesday, January 23. He was 91.

Jane Pauley hosts the 90-minute special, which features many of Osgood's collaborators from "Sunday Morning."


Charles Osgood Wood grew up in Baltimore, with a love of baseball and radio.  Family Photo

COVER STORY: Charles Osgood: Baltimore boy | Watch Video
Veteran broadcaster and longtime "Sunday Morning" host Charles Osgood, who died January 23, 2024 at age 91, was a storyteller of the highest caliber. In this remembrance originally broadcast May 23, 2004, Osgood recalls his youth in Baltimore, and how the war years, and the wonder of radio, shaped his world view.

For more info:

Charles Osgood: What's in a name? (Video)
When a young Charles Osgood Wood went to work for ABC Radio in the 1960s, there was already a Charles Woods on the air. What to do? Tracy Smith reports.

Charles Osgood: A broadcast journalist's journey (Video)
Veteran newsman Charles Osgood died on January 23, 2024. In this interview originally broadcast on September 25, 2016, correspondent Rita Braver journeyed back with Osgood to explore his news career, from his beginnings in radio through his early TV days.

Charles Osgood: The music man (Video)
"Sunday Morning" didn't need a house band during the 22 years that Charles Osgood served as host; we had Charles, who was his own accompanist, on the piano or the banjo. In this report that originally aired September 25, 2016, correspondent Anthony Mason talked with Osgood about his musical proclivities.

From the archives: Artist Keith Haring 03:02

FROM THE ARCHIVES: Artist Keith Haring (Video)
In this profile first broadcast on the "CBS Evening News" October 20, 1982, CBS News' Charles Osgood tagged along as graffiti artist Keith Haring took the New York City subway system by storm, with his drawings appearing on the walls of hundreds of stations.

Charles Osgood: CBS News' poet-in-residence | Watch Video
Straight from the news, his subjects he'd choose: Martha Teichner shares an ode to CBS News' resident wit and poet laureate, Charles Osgood, who died January 23, 2024.

From the archives: "French Chef" Julia Child 02:54

FROM THE ARCHIVES: "French Chef" Julia Child (Video)
Charles Osgood shared the kitchen with legendary television chef Julia Child, in a report that originally aired on "CBS Sunday Morning" November 19, 2000. Bon appetit!

Charles Osgood's fashion trademark: The bow tie (Video)
If clothes make the man, then the bow tie was essential to Charles Osgood. Mo Rocca found out how the "Sunday Morning" host tied the knot with his signature sartorial accessory, in a report that originally aired September 25, 2016.

Ted Koppel on his longtime friend Charles Osgood | Watch Video
Charles Osgood, the longtime host of "Sunday Morning," and Ted Koppel started at ABC News the very same week back in June 1963. They'd been friends ever since. Koppel remembers Osgood (who died January 23, 2024 at age 91) and their adventures in broadcast journalism.

Charles Osgood: At home in the south of France (Video)
In this report that originally aired September 25, 2016, correspondent Lee Cowan visited with Charles Osgood and his family, to reflect on a life filled with music and stunning Mediterranean views.

FROM THE ARCHIVES: Tony Bennett, the artist (Video)
In this "CBS Sunday Morning" report that was originally broadcast November 7, 2003, Charles Osgood offers a portrait of friendship - the special bond between artist Everett Raymond Kinstler and painter Anthony Benedetto, better known to the world as singer Tony Bennett.

Jane Pauley on the authenticity of Charles Osgood | Watch Video
Jane Pauley, who succeeded Charles Osgood as host of "CBS Sunday Morning" in 2016, reflects on Osgood's gifts as a communicator, and describes his work as "a master class" in the art of broadcasting.

MUSIC: Charles Osgood performs "The Man in the Looking Glass" (Video)
In this recording from 2013 to mark his 80th birthday, Charles Osgood, the longtime host of "Sunday Morning," performed a song about reflection – "The Man in the Looking Glass," by composer-lyricist Bart Howard. 

NATURE: Sunflowers in Southern France (Extended Video)
We leave you this Sunday in the south of France where sunflowers pay a fitting tribute to our Charles Osgood. Videographer: Joan Martelli. 



FROM THE ARCHIVES: P.D.Q. Bach creator Peter Schickele (Video)
Composer and classical music parodist Peter Schickele, best known for having "discovered" the works of P.D.Q. Bach (a made-up son of Johann Sebastian), died January 16, 2024 at age 88. In this "CBS Sunday Morning" report that originally aired May 13, 1984, correspondent Eugenia Zukerman sits down with Schickele to discuss the art of musical satire and his attacks on the "sacredness" of concert music. She also attends a rehearsal and performance of works by P.D.Q. Bach, the orchestrations of which include car horns and police sirens.

Saoirse Ronan plays a recovering alcoholic in "The Outrun," directed by Nora Finscheidt.  The Outrun Film Ltd - Roy Imer/Courtesy of Sundance Institute

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The renowned cinema festival returns with world premiere documentaries, narrative films and special events, in-person in Park City and Salt Lake City, Utah, and with online streaming available across the U.S. through January 28.

REVIEWS: Opening highlights of the 2024 Sundance Film Festival

REVIEWS: More highlights from the 2024 Sundance Film Festival

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In the 2024 Academy Award nominations, Leonardo DiCaprio, Margot Robbie, Natalie Portman and Julianne Moore don't make the cut in acting categories - but Godzilla earned his first Oscar nod.

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