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Jane Pauley on the authenticity of Charles Osgood

Jane Pauley on the authenticity of Charles Osgood
Jane Pauley on the authenticity of Charles Osgood 01:58

Charles Osgood, as you've learned today, was an uncommonly interesting man; I learned new things, though I knew him for many years, just like many of you did: I looked forward to "The Osgood File" on the radio, in my car.

There was nothing else like it, like him. His deft take on the news of the day, insight wrapped in whimsy and often in rhyme. His heart and humanity so plain you could see it on the radio.

I never imagined that one day I'd know the man himself.

Watching Charles Osgood at work, in the studio, that was a master class in communicating, a broadcast stylist. It's a subtle art. He was one of the very best. And one of the last, frankly.

He knew how to connect, never "delivering" a line. He just talked to you in a style that communicated his authenticity. You felt like you knew Charlie, and he knew you. As a viewer once told me, "Charlie is so present."

And even after his retirement, Charlie remained a big presence here. You see it every week. His sensibility, curiosity, his connection, and affection for you.

I have a favorite poem:

Powerful are those who chose,
the items that make up the news,
And yet in spite of all that power,
it's much like singing in the shower,
For it's clear from card and letter,
that you all think you'd do it better.

No one did it better.

Charlie has been uniquely present to me. When I say, "This is 'Sunday Morning'," and "Join us when our trumpet sounds again," I still hear Charlie.

Maybe you do, too.

Story produced by Jon Carras. Editor: Remington Korper. 

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