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An octopus has eight more brains than you do.

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HEADLINES: Iran's admission of responsibility in jet shootdown fails to calm crisis (Video)
After days of government denials, on Saturday Iran's president Hassan Rouhani finally admitted his country had downed a Ukrainian jetliner with 176 people on board through "human error, as vigils for the victims and protests against the government continued. Holly Williams reports from Baghdad. 

Studying the creativity and intelligence of the octopus | Watch Video
The octopus is one of the most bizarre life forms on Earth – one of the smartest, most interesting, and most alien. It can camouflage itself in a flash, squeeze its entire body through a one-inch hole, and use their brains (yes, it has nine of them) to think and play. Chip Reid visits scientists at New England Aquarium in Boston, and the Marine Biological Laboratory in Woods Hole, Mass., and talks with Sy Montgomery, author of "The Soul of an Octopus," about these curious creatures.

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"Arthur Godfrey and His Friends" | Watch Video
The long-running live TV variety show made its debut on CBS on January 12, 1949. Jane Pauley reports.

Carlos Ghosn calls himself a "fugitive of injustice" | Watch Video
You don't get as far as Carlos Ghosn has come without thinking outside the box, or inside the box, which is how the former Nissan CEO skipped bail and fled Japan, where he was to stand trial for financial wrongdoing. He spoke with Charlie D'Agata about his improbable journey. 

Gary Clark Jr. CBS News

GRAMMYS: Gary Clark Jr.: "Music is my religion" | Watch Video
At 35 Gary Clark Jr. is still clearly uncomfortable being heralded as one of the best guitarists in a generation. He's played the White House, and toured with the Rolling Stones and Eric Clapton. This year his blues/rock album, "This Land," is up for four Grammy Awards. Kristine Johnson talks with the musician who describes himself as a "simple dude from Austin, Texas who picked up a guitar."

You can stream Gary Clark Jr.'s album "This Land" by clicking on the embed below (Free Spotify registration required to hear the tracks in full):

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 DNA that's all in the family (Video)
A recent survey showed about a quarter of the people who take DNA tests find a surprising result.  Count among them correspondent Steve Hartman, whose search for family roots brought him to some unexpected places. 

 In Sicily, police patrol for pistachio thieves | Watch Video
With the biennial harvest upon them, farmers of the valuable crop are getting assistance from Italy's paramilitary security force. Seth Doane reports. 

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James Stewart and Kim Novak in Alfred Hitchcock's romantic thriller "Vertigo" (1958).  Paramount Pictures

MOVIES: The art of Kim Novak | Watch Video
Now on the cusp of turning 87, Kim Novak is still finding herself. The star of such classics as Alfred Hitchcock's "Vertigo," "Picnic," and "Bell, Book and Candle," the actress turned her back on Hollywood in the 1960s and has since pursued artwork and a love of animals. Mo Rocca reports.

EXTRA!: Listen to our podcast of Mo Rocca's extended interview with the actress-turned-painter

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 Remembering Buck Henry | Watch Video
The comic writer and actor helped bring "Get Smart," "The Graduate" and "Heaven Can Wait" to the screen, and was a frequent guest host of "Saturday Night Live."

LAW: Fighting for overdue protections for pregnant workers | Watch Video
It's a story told hundreds of thousands of times every year across America: Women can get the job – just don't get pregnant. Even though pregnancy discrimination has been illegal under federal law for more than 40 years, pregnant women are pushed out of their jobs every day, because employers still deny accommodations to pregnant workers. Jan Crawford talks to women who have faced serious choices and sometimes tragic circumstances affecting careers and family; and with two lawmakers trying to change federal law to better protect women in the workplace.

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OPINION:  David Sedaris vs. nail polish | Watch Video
Humorist David Sedaris on his run-in with the wrong passenger aboard a London-to-Paris train ride.

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NATURE: Kangaroos (Extended Video)
"Sunday Morning" takes us to the beach in Australia, among kangaroos fleeing forest fires that have been ravaging the country. Videographer: Harry Clapson.         


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CALENDAR: Week of January 13Watch Video
"Sunday Morning" takes a look at some notable events of the week ahead. Jane Pauley reports.


Caribou at Watson Lake, Yukon in the fall. 

NATURE UP CLOSE: The decline of the caribou
Despite their remarkable adaptability to an unforgiving environment, the numbers of these large, majestic, gentle-looking animals have fallen by more than half in the United States since 2003.

TAKE FIVE: Arts & events around the U.S. (January 10)
Check out the "Sunday Morning" listings of events this coming week.

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