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David Pogue dons a virtual reality headset at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas.

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Host: Jane Pauley

Virtual reality check | Watch Video
Virtual reality headsets were all the rage at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas this past week, allowing viewers to enter a virtual world. Also hot: augmented reality headsets, which layer computer graphics onto our view of the real world. And with so many of these goggles on the market, companies are racing to come up with software for them, so that users can “attend” concerts and sporting events.

David Pogue of Yahoo Tech reports on the reality of where we stand on virtual reality.

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The inventor of bubble gum
On January 8, 1998, Walter Diemer, creator of the POP!ular candy, died at age 93. Jane Pauley reports.

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 Artist Tyrus Wong’s remarkable life | Watch Video
For decades, artist Tyrus Wong and his fantastic kites were a fixture on and above Santa Monica Beach. And while you might not recognize his name, a certain deer named Bambi has Wong to thank for the exquisite settings of the 1942 Walt Disney film.

Wong, who died last month at age 106, was a Disney legend. Tracy Smith explores the artist’s immortal work, in movies and greeting cards.

WEB EXTRA VIDEO: Tyrus Wong’s kites
In this web extra, CBS News visited the artist in March 2016 at Santa Monica Beach, where Wong and his daughter, Kim, sent several of his creations airborne.  

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A LIDAR-scanned map of the jungle in Honduras. 

CBS News

ARCHAEOLOGY: Curse of the “Lost City of the Monkey God”? | Watch Video
Some called it the White City, a great metropolis in the mountains of Mesoamerica that was lost to time.  Others called it the City of the Monkey God. Its possible existence has tantalized adventure-seekers since the 1500s -- including explorer Steve Elkins, who’s been obsessed with finding the city for decades.

With laser-mapping technology he and other experts scanned hundreds of square miles of the Honduran jungle.

Lee Cowan talks with Elkins, writer Doug Preston (author of “The Lost City of the Monkey God”) and documentary filmmaker Bill Benenson about their journey, and what they found.

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An old horse and his friend | Watch Video
January 1st is considered the universal birthday for all racehorses in the Northern Hemisphere. Tony Dokoupil travels to a farm in Vermont where he meets a 40-year-old horse and his best friend.

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Iggy Pop: Still the “godfather of punk” | Watch Video
On stage, Iggy Pop has always lived on the edge. He’s a rock provocateur, a restless and reckless front man who has excited and offended: “I’m still not sure what the civilized world wants to do about me!” he laughed.

With his latest Grammy-nominated album, “Post Pop Depression” (his highest charting album ever), the artist often called the “Godfather of punk” has made a belated bid for respectability. Anthony Mason reports.

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Iggy Pop - Sunday by IggyPopOnVEVO on YouTube

HARTMAN: Couple thankful for repo man who took their car (Video)
After Pat and Stan Kipping fell behind on their car payments, an unexpected guardian angel helped them get their wheels back. Steve Hartman reports.


Writer-director Lee Daniels on the set of the TV series “Star,” with correspondent Mo Rocca.

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SUNDAY PROFILE: The outspoken Lee Daniels | Watch Video
Critically-acclaimed filmmaker Lee Daniel has been outspoken over complaints that Hollywood is unfair when it comes to race. The force behind the films “Monster’s Ball,” “Precious,” “The Butler” and the TV series “Empire” doesn’t deny there are problems with the system -- big ones – but he’s not letting those problems stop him, nor (he says) should they stop anyone else.

In addition to his take on Hollywood, Daniels talks with Mo Rocca about his sometimes-challenging path to success; his new TV series “Star”; and growing up with a father who struggled to accept that his son was gay.

WEB EXTRA VIDEO: Lee Daniels on directing Oprah Winfrey
In this web exclusive clip, the director of “The Butler” talks with Mo Rocca about how he got Oprah Winfrey to work with a washing machine.

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 Faith Salie on a life well curated | Watch Video
Nowadays everyone’s a curator of their favorite things. Contributor Faith Salie lists the ways curation has changed our lives.

Matisse and Diebenkorn, side by side | Watch Video
The French Post-Impressionist master was a vital influence on the American artist; a new exhibit highlights the parallels in their work. Rita Braver reports.

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 Wintry woods (Extended Video)
We leave you this Sunday Morning in a forest near Craley, Pennsylvania.


Week of January 9 | Watch Video
From National Law Enforcement Appreciation Day to Friday the 13th, “Sunday Morning” takes a look at some notable events of the week ahead. Jane Pauley reports.

Sierra Nevada, Death Valley and the rain shadow effect

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