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Mo Rocca presents a Bronx high school student’s painting of St. Francis to Pope Francis at the Vatican. 

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Inside the Vatican | Watch Video
Vatican City is the smallest independent state in the world -- just 110 acres in area, with fewer than 1,000 residents. But it draws more than six million visitors each year to the monumental St. Peter’s Square, the magnificent Vatican museums and, at its heart, one of the holiest sites in the world: Saint Peter’s Basilica.

Mo Rocca visits along with New York’s Cardinal Timothy Dolan, and meets with art historians and restorers working at the Vatican museums.

GALLERY: National Geographic’s “Pope Francis and the New Vatican”

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Curator Simon Kelly and correspondent Rita Braver with Degas’ “The Millinery Shop” (1879-1886).

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ART: Hats off to Degas and the millinery trade | Watch Video
Artist Edgar Degas is probably best known for his scenes depicting dancers. But the Impressionist painter was also interested in fashion and its place in Parisian society at the turn of the century. A new exhibition of works by Degas and others on the theme of millinery, currently at the St. Louis Art Museum, captures the artistry of hats and their function in the newly-burgeoning middle class, in France and abroad. Rita Braver reports.

GALLERY: Hats in Impressionist art

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Rita Boncompagni Ludovisi, Principessa di Piombino, with Mo Rocca. 

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ROYALTY: Principessa Rita: A fairytale life | Watch Video
Just over half a mile from the Trevi Fountain, in the center of Rome, is Villa Aurora. Built in 1570, it is currently presided over by a princess born in … San Antonio, Texas?

The former Rita Jenrette, now Rita Boncompagni Ludovisi, Principessa di Piombino, gives Mo Rocca a tour of her art-filled home, and of her life, which wound from her marriage to a Congressman whose career ended in scandal, to posing in Playboy, to her marriage to an Italian aristocrat.

David Letterman’s Mom (Video)
A life-long resident of small-town Indiana, Dorothy Mengering brought a bit of understated small-town humor to her memorable appearances on her son’s late-night show. Mengering, who died last Tuesday was 95. Jane Pauley reports, and also recognizes the passing of personal computer and Internet pioneer Robert Taylor. 


Cecilia and Paul De Bondt craft their special chocolate Easter Eggs.

CBS News

EASTER: Chocolate Easter eggs: Candy treasures | Watch Video
Chocolate Easter eggs are a big deal in Italy – and a major export for companies such as Perugina, which will produce 50,000 eggs a day to meet the holiday demand. Seth Doane visits the Perugina chocolate factory near Perugia, Italy, and also meets with Italian artisans who create luxury chocolate eggs that can cost hundreds of dollars apiece.

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 Heart to heart (Video)
They only met once: the baseball Hall of Famer Rod Carew, and the starry-eyed young boy who would grow up to become a pro football player himself. But when Konrad Reuland died following an aneurysm, his organ donation made the two athletes inseparable. Steve Hartman reports. 

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Correspondent Tracy Smith with Ricky Martin during rehearsals for his show, which opened this month in Las Vegas.

CBS News

SUNDAY PROFILE: Ricky Martin on performing, coming out, and fatherhood | Watch Video
Tracy Smith visits with Ricky Martin during rehearsals of his new Las Vegas show, and learns why the music superstar is no longer living “La Vida Loca.”

WEB EXTRA VIDEO: Ricky Martin: How I find peace
Singer Ricky Martin admits that, despite reveling in euphoric shows (“They must be really loud!”), he finds a cleansing spirituality through a daily practice of retreating into silence. He also discusses his “favorite project in life”: becoming a father.

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St. Francis + Pope Francis | Watch Video
When Cardinal Jorge Bergoglio of Buenos Aires chose his papal name, he took that of the founder of the Franciscan order. Mo Rocca looks into the history of St. Francis and how his teachings shaped the papacy of Pope Francis.

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Sen. Elizabeth Warren with correspondent Chip Reid.

CBS News

POLITICS: Sen. Elizabeth Warren: The fighter | Watch Video
A fierce critic of Wall Street and a crusader for the underdog, Elizabeth Warren of Massachusetts is a senator with a message you’ve probably heard before: the system is rigged. She admits to correspondent Chip Reid that she may sound like a broken record on that score, but says, “It truly is my life’s work.”

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Week of April 17 | Watch Video
“Sunday Morning” takes a look at some notable events of the week ahead. Jane Pauley reports.

 Colorado Rockies (Extended Video)
We leave you this Easter Sunday Morning in the Colorado Rockies, where Spring is in bloom. Videographer: Phil Giriodi


When the Word is put to music | Watch Video
Contributor Bill Flanagan on how artists like Jessi Colter turn the poetry of Bible verse into lyrics that speak beyond cultures and faith,

These predators - key to maintaining balance in marine ecosystems - are being hunted in staggering numbers.

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