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This Morning from CBS News, Oct. 30, 2014

Out of quarantine

CBS News correspondent Don Dahler was the first person to speak with Yale doctoral student Ryan Boyko after his release from a forced Ebola quarantine. Boyko returned from West Africa earlier this month and tested negative for the virus, but the state's health department ordered him to remain in quarantine at his home until yesterday.

Campaign against Obamacare

Over the past four years, the GOP-controlled House has voted to revise or repeal the law more than 50 times. And when the federal government's rollout of proved disastrous, Republicans were certain they'd found their single most important rallying cry for the midterms.

Most-expensive election

The congressional elections being held in six days will go down in history as the costliest ever. CBS News congressional correspondent Nancy Cordes reports more than $4 billion has been spent on behalf of candidates, and that's just the money we know about.

FBI sting

Eight men accused of running an illegal sports gambling operation in Las Vegas are challenging the evidence. CBS News correspondent Jericka Duncan reports the accused say federal agents got it illegally.

Fireball whiskey

A popular type of liquor is being recalled in parts of Europe over an ingredient that can be found in anti-freeze. So why is it still available in the U.S.?

High-octane, low emissions

If most people filled their cars' gas tanks with 98-octane fuel, the United States could cut annual carbon dioxide emissions by up to 35 million tons and save $6 billion a year. But's not a simple equation of higher equals better.

Panda school

Loss of habitat and a low birth rate have left fewer than 2,000 giant pandas in China, the only place they live in the wild. A research center is dedicated to improving those numbers. It's not how to get them to breed that's the hard part anymore. Now the hard part is how to get them to go back into the wild.

Sistine Chapel in a new light

What is widely held to be one of the most beautiful works of art in history just moved up another notch on the scale. Michelangelo painted the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel by the light of the sun coming through small windows. CBS News correspondent Allen Pizzey reports that, 450 years after his death, his masterpieces are being seen in a whole new light.

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