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This Morning from CBS News, May 11, 2015

Mississippi shooting

Four people facing charges in the deaths of two Mississippi police officers will appear in court today. CBS News Correspondent Anna Werner reports the Hattiesburg community gathered last night in for a candlelight vigil to remember the officers who were gunned down Saturday night. It all began as a routine traffic stop.

Pollen tsunami

Allergy experts are warning of a "pollen tsunami," adding to the downside of spring for the roughly 50 million Americans with nasal allergies. One of the biggest pollen hot zones in the country spans the Northeast. CBS News Correspondent Jericka Duncan reports from New York City's Central Park.

Streaming fitness

Nearly 83 million Americans say they were not active last year, the highest number since 2009. Streaming workout classes could turn things around. You can get online training for a fraction of the price of gyms or boutique sessions. CBS News Correspondent Vinita Nair reports on how big names in fitness are finding a virtual following.

Prince Harry kids?

This is to be a year of change, not just for the growing family of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, but also for Prince William's red-haired little brother Harry. In the middle of an official week-long tour of New Zealand, Prince Harry discussed the end of his military career -- looming just weeks away -- and what could be next on his agenda in an exclusive interview with CBS partner network Sky News.

Unknown America

Robert Ballard has embarked on a new wave of American exploration, inspired by the epic journey of Lewis and Clark more than 200 years ago. This time, it's not over land, but in a part of the country that lies in the deep sea. The U.S. has jurisdiction over more ocean than any other country on Earth and beneath the waves lies trillions of dollars in untapped natural resources and, as 60 Minutes Correspondent Lara Logan saw on her journey, a wealth of American history.

Clintons under siege

Republican candidates are on the warpath against the Clinton Foundation, raising questions about whether Hillary and Bill Clinton sold influence to foreign entities in exchange for donations to their sprawling philanthropy. The Clintons themselves have strongly denied any wrongdoing and accused Republicans and the media of hyping unsubstantiated claims about a foundation that does a lot of valuable charity work around the world. But has all this had any effect on the polls?

Vulnerable on left

Bernie Sanders, Vermont's independent senator and a self-proclaimed Democratic socialist, says he can beat Hillary Clinton for the Democratic nomination in 2016. On CBS News Face the Nation yesterday, Sanders said he thinks he can oust the former secretary of state. Find out why.

Schieffer on Deflategate

Bob Schieffer reminisces on the tricks baseball players have been using for decades to manipulate game balls, and how he thinks the NFL could take a lesson from professional baseball.

School trouble

Faced with declining enrollment and rising costs, The Charleston School of Law could announce as soon as today that is won't accept new admissions, the latest sign of trouble in the legal profession.

Bo knows

When you think of Bo Derek, you probably think of her slow-motion jog through the surf in the 1979 film, "10." More than 35 years later, Derek is still at home at the beach, and this summer she returns to her other love: movies. CBS News Correspondent Ben Tracy reports she's literally jumping the shark into a pop culture phenomenon.

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